Fosterkitten Colin

I hope you don't mind to see the same kitten over and over aaand over again, because this little sweety makes it near impossible to just choose say 5 pics! ♥ But I'll add a jump in case you're not so into cats :)

Colin was found inside a restaurant after closing time (it's called la Colline, hence his name) and I have no idea how such a unique yet unsocialized kitten ended up there! It took him some time to adapt here, and it wasn't until Mobi left -last I heard is that he's doing absolutely fantastic, yay!- that Colin started to show more interest in me as well. Last 2 weeks have been all about progress for him, at the start with scared kittens it often feels like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Until they decide to trust you, and then it can go really fast! And that was the case with Colin as well ♥

Colin loves to play and balls are his favorite, if there was a kitten football team, he'd definitely be the star!

Feathery toys are a close 2nd though :)

His fur is called black smoke tabby, the smoke part stands for his hairs, the base of his hairs is a silvery-white! I can't remember ever seeing a smoke cat in real life before, and I can't get over how pretty he is!

I have loads of pics of him sleeping, what a sweet little angel he is ♥ And he found out I'm great for cuddles and snoozing as well :) Colin doesn't like to be alone during nights, and after Mobi left, he started meowing in the middle of the night and wouldn't stop. I went to sit with him several nights in a row, and during those nights we really bonded. He was so happy to see me, that he forgot to be scared! He simply just threw himself at me, sitting on my shoulders and rubbing against my face, that kinda thing, just amazing to feel so loved by him ♥ ♥ ♥
I still have him locked up during nights though, that's a rule I have for fosterkittens, to give my cats (and myself) some rest as well. But he knows now that in the morning I'll let him out and in the evening he follows me upstairs and often walks in there himself. In the morning he still meows, but luckily not in the middle of the night anymore, around 06:00 he starts and I get up to let him out. After racing around and playing a bit, he has an entire house to sleep or play, but he prefers to be on my bed with me and snooze on or against me :) Colin has a very loud engine, also loves to chat, follow me around, and well, everything he does, he does with passion! Needless to say, this little cutie absolutely stole my heart... but unfortunately he isn't the best match with my cats, and after loads -and I mean LOADS- of doubting, I decided not to keep him. This is partially why it's been a bit quiet on my blog last few weeks, this was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in quite some time :(

With a kitten this pretty, you'd maybe expect him to be gone in the blink of an eye, but Colin isn't a kitten that would be happy in every home. He still has a scared kitten inside of him, and it can come out very easily! A calm house is a must I think, so that means no kids and an owner that's willing to give him time and earn his trust and all that, so that this amazing little cutie dares to show his true self. Besides that, the owner also needs to work a little bit with him because he's also passionate about playing with hands and chewing on fingers, oops! Sounds cute, but he already packs a nice set of claws (as he shows below!) and sharp little teeth, and this behaviour becomes even less cute when he's an adult cat! It's normal for kittens to at some point show some behaviour that's less wanted, for example some might kill plants, others have a thing for curtains or climbing your legs, and some just love to play with hands. I think Colin is well-behaved, except for the last part, haha! But I'm sure with some time and being more stubborn than he is, he'll get over that as well, it already improved now too :)
Colin has been online for about a week or so now (I felt it was unfair to keep him offline while I wasn't even sure if I'd keep him, which added some extra pressure to making the decision), and he'll get visitors tomorrow. It's very double, I really hope it's a match from both sides and he'll find his forever home, but at the same time, it'll be so hard to let him go... If it's a match, they can go to the shelter straight after to fix the paperwork, and pick him up after that again. And in that case I might be AFK a little longer, I think it'll be very weird without him at first. Needless to say, he's gonna get lots of cuddles tonight! :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing this precious :) Thanks for looking and take care!