Morning lovelies! The polish that I have for you today is one that made me very happy with my new camera, I've swatched this before and my old camera just couldn't deal with it. The combination of these flakes and the slightly shifting colors was too much it seems, it only picked up one of the 2! This time it went a lot better :)

Essence Black Is back with Catrice Glitterazzi

Essence Black Is back with Catrice Glitterazzi.

Essence Black Is back with Catrice Glitterazzi

Catrice Glitterazzi

The polish itself had a bit of a thick & gooey base, so I used an orangewood stick to place some extra flakes on my nails after applying a coat of the polish. I finished it with top coat to even that gooey base a bit, although I think it'll look better (thinner and smoother) when applying a thin coat of clear and manually placing all flakey bits and pieces. A lot more work though!

I've seen this kinda base in essence and Catrice polish a few times before, makes me a little hesitant to get more of their glitters. Did you experience the same with any of their glitters? Wonder if some thinner will work!

This seems to be one of the polishes that'll stay in the standard collection in the coming seasons (you can check out all the new stuff here!). I think it looks best on a dark base and it looks kinda festive as well, so I can totally understand why! :)

Have a great weekend and take care!