Teal and tip guides

Morning all! This mani didn't completely turn out as I'd like, and then I didn't know what settings to use to photograph the color right either, so I can't say I'm all that pleased with it. But I do like the combo, so shush it inner critic, I'm gonna post it anyway :P

China Glaze Millennium, Essence In Style, Essence Life Is A freeride and Viva La Diva #70

China Glaze Millennium, Essence In Style and Essence Life Is A freeride with Viva La Diva #70 and BornPrettyStore Super Matte.

China Glaze Millennium, Essence In Style, Essence Life Is A freeride and Viva La Diva #70

I am loving the glitter I used for my accentnails, it's bright blue and green - and definitely something to take to my photography course next month, and hopefully learn how to deal with it, haha! Very much looking forward to that :)

The tip guides I used for this mani are from BornPrettyStore, and they work fine! The reason I didn't get my beloved crispy clean lines is because I used 2 coaters, and I get issues with anything that isn't a 1 coater and taped manis more often!
It feels like a thicker layer of polish easier spreads a bit, making the lines somewhat blurry. Top coat will have a harder time making it all smooth with those thicker layers as well, so I used a matte TC on top of my usual TC, to make it less obvious. Next time I'd use these tip guides with 1 coaters to prevent both issues :)

These tip guides stick very well, in fact, I placed them on my skin first to remove the worst stickiness, before placing them diagonally on my nails. But you can of course also use them straight horizontally or vertically!

A package contains 28 tip guides and 2 half (those are straight on 1 side, the last 2 in the package). They come in 2 variations, these and a wavy version, and a package costs $1.58. And as always, coupon code ABJ61 will give 10% off :)

Thanks for looking and take care!

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