Bundle Monster Sun Kissed plates

Howdy all! Bundle Monster recently released a plateset called Sun Kissed: 10 plates with a beach & ocean theme. It took a little bit longer than I hoped (me being a bit sick, Dewdew needing some trips to the vet, and if that wasn't enough, my indexfinger nail chipped badly), but finally, here's the review :) I went with a basic design to start with, and here's how that looks!

Essence Back To Paradise with Konad Green, BM-501 and BPS Super Matte

Adding a jump because this post is a bit pic-heavy:

Then the plates, blue foil at the front, protective cover at the back, and a theme that they completely nailed I think! This set makes me think of the ocean, Summer, happy days :) And ice cream, which I'm now in the mood for, lol! Please note, the plates look a bit damaged here and there, they weren't 100% shiny but it's not nearly as bad as these big photos show. It also doesn't affect the quality of the images at all - those are of the quality that we're used to from Bundle Monster.

This Sun Kissed set offers loads of images to create a themed mani in different styles, and it has a lot of unique images that I didn't have yet! But it also has some images that can be used in various ways, not just in this theme. I went with a seaweed image with green colors, but use a different colorcombo and I think it won't remind you that much of plants anymore! Absolutely loving some of the full nail images - you know I'm a full nail fan ^^ The images have a nice size as well, and of course I've added them to my size comparison too.

I like how they went with a smaller, themed collection, and I wonder if we'll see more of those in the future? If you could pick a theme for a plateset, what would it be? I wouldn't mind a nature/animals themed set! I have quite a few images like that but a lot of them are similar (like the tigerprints), I'd like some more leaf images, a catface that covers like half the nail, year rings of a tree, oh I have plenty ideas in that theme :) Curious to hear what kind of set you'd like to see!

Essence Back To Paradise with Konad Green, BM-501 and BPS Super Matte

Essence Back To Paradise with Konad Green, BM-501 and BPS Super Matte.

Essence Back To Paradise with Konad Green, BM-501

Adding 2 photos with top coat as well :)

Essence Back To Paradise with Konad Green, BM-501

You can buy this set at the Bundle Monster website, the set of 10 plates is now up for a special price of $7.99. What do you think of this set, are you going to buy it? Thanks for stopping by! ♥

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