Collage of the Month: September

Hi all! Last month's collage is a mini-collage! ^^ I've been quite busy lately, I've started a Swedish home study ánd a photography course. I've done a short Swedish course in the past but learning Swedish fully always stayed on my to-do list, and so far it's going great! 9 lessons down, only 51 to go, lol. Going to visit my bf again next month, so then I can practice in Sweden :) And a short photography course was on schedule as well after I got my new camera, so I've started that too. I've already learned some new things, yay! Maybe not great for nailpics, but happy with it nevertheless. Because of those things I haven't had a lot of energy lately to sort pics and blog a lot, but having said that, the Fall colors are calling for me and I'm filling up my vault of unposted manis at least :) How about you, are you also going for the warmth, richness, and darkness of Fall colors? Or are you sticking with the bright & happy, holo & neons for now? Take care!