Catrice for Spring and Summer 2015 - Preview

Hey lovelies! Here's the preview for the upcoming changes of the Catrice standard collection, which should be in stores in Februari. It was a bit odd to see all these happy, sunny colors while I'm sitting next to a Christmas tree and it's raining outside, haha! But there's plenty in this preview that I'd like to see in real life :)
I also have the changes for Essence, but that preview is huge! To give you an idea, the folder with all the downloaded images is 422 MB, so I obviously can't post them as they are. I haven't started working on those images yet, but I hope to have them on tomorrow!

As always, you can click the images for an enlargement, and if you wish to know more about a product, don't hesitate to ask!

Top row: (S)wimbledon - Can You SEA Me? - Next Stop: Satin Tropez - A Gallon Of Mellon
Bottom row: My Yellow Fellow - All You Need Is Pink - Blurred Limes - The Bride Takes It All - CadiLILAC

Top row: White & Bright - Fresh Love Affair - Little Dose Of Rose - Your Fresh Apri-Coat
Bottom Row: To The Nude Mood - Way Too Beautiful - Delight In Pure Light - Poloroid Promises