Essence for Spring and Summer 2015 - Preview *pic heavy*

Hi all, I already showed you the upcoming Catrice changes yesterday, and today it's Essence's turn! These products will be in stores late Februari. And just like Catrice, Essence has brought out a gel set as well, with a base and top coat that don't require a lamp. But Essence has also added 46 polishes to go with that gel set! Some of those do look quite familiar though, I'm not sure how different they are. Anyway, let's have a look! :)

As always, you can click the images for an enlargement, and if you wish to know more about a product, don't hesitate to ask!

Top row: truth or dare? - i don't need money, honey! - lady mermaid - #rebel
Bottom row: the black cat - awesome blossoms - let stars rain down on me! - let stars rain down on me!

Top row: cupcake topping - pure soul - baby doll - hope for love
Bottom row: crunchy cake - i ** it - walk on the white side - i'm lost in you

As you may remember, I had some problems with the ads on my blog in combination with using the word nude, so to prevent me from using it too often in this post, I replaced it with **. Thanks for your understanding :)

Top row: do nuts - so lucky - sun is smiling - i'm so fluffy
Bottom row: yummy gummy - sweet at first sight - bubble bath - sparkles in a bottle

Top row: the gel nail polish base coat - the gel nail polish top coat - blurry up! - matt about you!
Bottom row: like love birds - a hint of mint - bee my honey!

Top row: yummiiii! - black is back - do you speak love? - on air! - absolute pure

Top row: true love - bubble gum - give me **, baby! - our sweetest day
Bottom row: sweet as candy - party princess - whatever! - #lucky

Top row: indigo to go - ever young - mandarine bay - forgive me
Bottom row: hey, love! - fame fatal - juicy love - i don't care!

Top row: don't be shy! - beautiful lies - a whisper of spring - i love my blue jeans
Bottom row: wonderfuel - indian summer - prince charming - brazil jungle

Top row: hello sunshine - #paradise - let's get lost - electriiiiiic
Bottom row: discreet agent - wild white ways - candy love - engaged

Top row: girl's best friend - dare it ** - serendipity - love is in the air
Bottom row: blue bubble di blue - play with my mint - kiss me, freddy - frozen kiss