My top 10 of 2014: Nail art

I didn't have as much variation in this year's nail art manis, but I just never get tired of a nice stamping combo! So this top 10 (in random order) has a lot of those manis :) Stampy stampy! ♥

You know how I often go for tone-on-tone or colors that you just know will match well, so this combo was a bit unusual for me, but I really liked it! Original post.

Randomly sponged and white stamping. Love it! Original post.

Would've preferred smaller white dots, but that polish and image matched SO well if you ask me :) Original post.

This image and colors just worked for me! Original post.

Tape, glitters & rhinestones gave this combo, I think the glitters worked well for a taped mani! 1 thin layer gave a lot of result and still gave a smooth, even finish without trouble. Original post.

I love this image, ánd I love stamping with Rose Bower! Original post.

This mani was definitely one of my favorites, lalalove it! Original post.

Stamped with a holo on my favorite taupe :) Original post.

Simple gradient with added glitter polish, pretty simple but such a bright & happy combo! Original post.

Subtle golden shimmery base with golden stamping :) Original post.

There were 2 manis that didn't make it, but gave me a hard time choosing... So I'm just gonna sneak them in here ^^ Uptown Girl with Rose Bower & Beautiful Lie with black stamping.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'd love to hear what your favorite is! Tomorrow I'll post my fav kitten pics, what better way to end the year than with cute fuzzy kittens ♥