Mint kissed Sonya

A while ago I had a month packed with Dance Legend posts, and the coming weeks that'll be the case once more! I recently received a big box filled with polish, making me feel very lucky, followed by lots of ooohhh's and aahhh's, because they sure know how to make polish!

4 Born Pretty plates (and 2 manis!)

Hi guys! BornPrettyStore shipped some plates to me a while ago, time to show those too. Here's what I did with them, read on for a closer look on the plates and these manis :)

Fingers crossed for Abby!

Morning lovelies :) Just a quick fosterupdate: Abby is gonna get visitors on Tuesday already, that went so fast! I so hope it's a match and she'll finds her forever home that day! I'll post a bigger update on my fosterblog sometime soon and keep it shorter here, but she's doing absolutely fantastic. She's making little bits of progress every day, dares to show more and more of herself (and less of the snappy behaviour she showed, especially to my cats), and she's also learning that I'm not a scary thing when walking around. In fact, this morning she was sitting on the stairs and I ended up stepping over her because she wouldn't move, haha! She's really a little adult already, still has some kittenmoments but also packs plenty of character and a will of her own. Picking her up goes so much better already, and she absolutely loves to cuddle :)

I don't have as much pictures of her as I'd like, because she's a bit impressed by the camera at times, and other times she just can't sit still! She's often too busy with playing or cuddling with me :D

Something different with BPS triangle glitter

Howdy! No tone-on-tone, no subtle stamping, nothing like that... bright&bold is what I'm showing today! I started with a grey base, used tape and an orange polish to cover half the nail, and then I applied the black triangle glitters. It worked best for me to start at the tips and work my way up with them. I finished with 2 layers of top coat, but as you can tell, these glitters weren't 100% flat and are a little bit on the thick side. And my nails are a bit more rounded at the top than the sides of my nails, which makes the sides of the glitters slightly stand up from the nail. So even with those 2 layers, the result isn't as smooth as I'd like! Maybe I should apply top coat and just stick them in the wet top coat next time, and not add more on top. That usually works fine with glitters :)

Essence Got A Secret with China Glaze Papaya Punch and BornPrettyStore triangle glitters

Essence Got A Secret with China Glaze Papaya Punch and BornPrettyStore triangle glitters.

Essence Got A Secret with China Glaze Papaya Punch and BornPrettyStore triangle glitters

My camera picked up the orange better but showed the grey too light. But I took a pic with my phone to show this mani to my boyfriend, and as it turned out, my phone captured the grey well, but the orange too dark :P Instead of messing around more with my camera to get the right settings, I figured to just show both pics :) I do like the look of this mani, but I know myself well enough, glitters that stick out won't last long (can you resist picking them off?) and when a mani looks a bit thick because of the amount of layers, meh. Sooo, if I'd wear this kinda combo again, I think I'd be back to stamping, haha!

The triangle shaped glitters come in little jar like a lot of BPS glitters, and just like most of their glitters, they come in a bunch of colors as well. It felt like some glitters were thicker than others, but as I quickly found out, that was because there were several still sticking together. Rubbing them between my fingers sorted that easily! You can find the glitters here, a little jar costs $2.53, and you'll get 10% off with code ABJ61.

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend, take care!

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Simple sponged & decal mani

Hey all :) I'm far behind on my BornPrettyStore reviews, time to catch up, starting with some palmtree decals! Or well, I only used leaves for this mani, but most of the decals on the sheet are palmtrees. These waterdecals are available in 2 colors, black and red/pink, and I chose the black ones. I started with a light purple base and randomly sponged 2 other purples on top, then I applied the waterdecals and finished with top coat. Here's how that turned out:

Essence No More Drama sponged with Essence Go Wild and Color Club Uptown Girl, with waterdecals from BornPrettyStore

Essence No More Drama sponged with Essence Go Wild and Color Club Uptown Girl, with waterdecals from BornPrettyStore.

Essence No More Drama sponged with Essence Go Wild and Color Club Uptown Girl, with waterdecals from BornPrettyStore

And here's how this sheet of decals looks! Aren't these trees perfect for a summery mani? You can find them here, a sheet costs $2.02 and as always, using code ABJ61 will give 10% off on your BPS order :) Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - 7 polishes swatched!

Hey guys! I recently received a bunch of Femme Fatale Cosmetics polish from a presale, and today I'd like to share those beauties with you :) As you might know, I love games and one of the games I keep playing/returning to is World of Warcraft (in fact, Oooh, Shinies! used to be a quest ingame). Although I'm currently back to playing a lot of Diablo 3! Aaaanyway, when I saw the names of these polishes, I instantly knew their inspiration, a boss fight in WoW, Yogg-Saron. And boy, did they nail the theme! I think it's a great collection, that became even better after knowing ánd recognizing the inspiration :)

It's a big post, so please click below to see more of them!

Meet Abby

Hey all :) As I wrote in my previous post, I picked up a new fosterkitten yesterday. Or well... kitten... turns out she's closer to a year old already, oops! She was brought into the shelter a little over a week ago, she didn't seem socialized at first, but in the days that followed she started to show a bit more social behaviour towards humans. So the shelter decided to give her a chance (else I'm sure she'd be neutered and placed back where she was found), and asked me if I wanted to take her in. I was a bit nervous because of her age, based on her size she was estimated 6 months old, which is a lot older than my cats are used to. But the fosterhomes contactperson from the shelter is always great with discussing and thinking along, and we decided to go for it. Thursday she was neutered, and then they could have a closer look at her as well, which showed she was quite a bit older already. When I heard that yesterday it did concern me a bit, but sizewise she's a lot smaller luckily, so I took her home.

To make a long story short, Dewey was fantastic, Sue on the other hand seems to realize this ain't a kitten >.< And little miss attitude turns out to be a huge cuddle! Albeit in a slightly odd way at times, I guess she lacks some experience in that as well, haha. I think the shelter and the lack of a relaxed adult cat affected her behaviour quite a bit. She's a bit moodswitchy though, also to my cats (poor Dew got quite confuzed several times now, he treats her like any kitten but she's a little lady!), and she's brave and stands her ground. Today I already moved her upstairs, because Sue was upset and because I think some extra space would do Abby well. She has a lot of fun discovering all these weird playthings that I offer her :) And she was doing great in the bench, so I'm trying to work with her as fast as she can handle, while giving her enough time to relax as well.
I can notice she's not really used to a lot of things, although she manages to hide that pretty well most of the time (except her eyes, heh). She's been through a lot I think, especially the last 3 days. But based on these 1.5 days that I had her now, and the will to adapt that she shows so far, I think she'll turn out fine! I don't have many pictures of her yet and I'll update my kittenblog some other time, but I couldn't resist showing her already. So here's Abby :)

Fingers crossed that my sweety Sue will become a bit more friendly, so Abby can stay as long as needed! Have a lovely weekend!

Floral Fotheringhay

Hi lovelies! Here's a mani that I did not too long ago, figured to post it while I'm waiting for my nails to grow back (winter chips, ugh!). I have some beautiful Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes ready for swatching, can't wait to try them on my nails... grow little nails, grow!

OPI My Vampire Is Buff with A England Fotherhinghay Castle and Pueen plate 15

OPI My Vampire Is Buff with A England Fotherhinghay Castle and Pueen plate 15.

OPI My Vampire Is Buff with A England Fotherhinghay Castle and Pueen plate 15

And... I'm picking up a new foster on Friday! It's a dark tortoiseshell cat, and she's estimated at 6 months old based on her size. They haven't been able to inspect her fully yet to get a better idea of her age, but she'll be neutered tomorrow and will come here the day after, so I guess I'll know a bit more about her then.
I've never tried an older kitten with my cats, so I'm a bit nervous for that - there's a chance it won't go well and she'll have to move again. But after discussing with the shelter, we decided it was worth the risk, because they feel that me and my cats could help her. And I can't resist trying either! I saw a picture of her and I can't wait to see her without that scared look on her face, I'm so looking forward to helping her! So I'm gonna act like it's a tiny kitten and go for the normal routine, and hopefully Dew won't realize she's a bit bigger than usual, haha. He's been SO awesome with other scared kittens and I hope he'll work his magic with her as well! Please keep your fingers crossed for us that it'll go well, so we can start helping this little one :)

Double circles

Good evening :) I recently shopped for polish in the HEMA (a Dutch warehouse) and spotted an absolutely gorgeous teal polish which I just had to take home. I couldn't capture the true color, but really, if you have a HEMA nearby, have a look at this one sometime! Yes, it stains, it doesn't dry as fast as I'd like, and it needed 3 coats... but oh my, that color! ♥
I decided to try some doublestamping on it, with another HEMA polish, the purple holographic. I haven't seen it in sunlight yet, but it seems the least holo of them all. In fact, there was another polish which wasn't a part of the holo collection, that seemed more holo than this purple one (#826, and yes, I'll be showing them sometime too!). So from their holographic line, both the bordeaux and the purple holo work for stamping. I haven't tried the other 4 but they don't cover nearly as good and I don't think they'll work well.

HEMA 840 with HEMA Holographic Purple, A England Crown Of Thistles and Konad m85

HEMA 840 with HEMA Holographic Purple, A England Crown Of Thistles and Konad m85.

HEMA 840 with HEMA Holographic Purple, A England Crown Of Thistles and Konad m85

This mani didn't fully turn out as I had in mind, it became a bit too messy for my liking, probably because of the holo polishes I used for stamping. The colors aren't really similar on swatches but turned out way too close when I stamped them as well! I think I'd prefer to keep the stamping polishes quite basic (like cremes) and with more different colors for double stamping. But now I know at least, and I still liked the result enough to post it :) Hope you do too, thanks for visiting and have a nice evening!

HEMA Holographic: Pink, Copper & Bordeaux

Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful NYE and a good start of the new year so far :) I recently bought the Bordeaux color of the HEMA Holographic collection, and it surprised me; it covered very well and was a lot more holo than I expected. I already showed a simple stamped mani with it, and after using that polish I couldn't resist the rest of the collection either! Unfortunately the others that I tried so far don't cover as well, but they're nice holos nevertheless. I swatched them in a bit of wintersun and had to hold my hand in unusual angles in that sun to show the holo, so please don't mind the rubbery fingers here and there =)

HEMA Holographic Copper

Starting with HEMA Holographic Copper, 3 coats, no base/top. The polish itself applied nicely, I like the smaller brush, but it's one of those holos where you have to be a bit careful to not drag the previous coat along. So it applied slightly patchy when I rushed a little, and I'd definitely use it with a holo basecoat next time.

HEMA Holographic Copper

If you ask me, this looks a lot more golden-with-a-hint-of-copper than actual copper! And I think I would've loved it a lot more if it was actually a copper holo, but I do like it like this as well. The basecolor itself didn't look bad on me, and it sure has a nice holo effect :)

HEMA Holographic Copper
sunlight - daylight - direct sunlight

HEMA Holographic Pink

Next we have HEMA Holographic Pink, again 3 coats without base/top, same application as described above. The sunlight was a bit warm here as you can see on my skintone as well, further below I added a photo made with flash, to show the sweet color a bit better.

HEMA Holographic Pink

Not a very unique color, but it's a cute one, ánd holo, so I'm sure I'll wear this more often! And €3,75 for 11ml holographic polish (that's the size of an A England bottle) makes it even more lovable :)

HEMA Holographic Pink
flash - daylight - sunlight

HEMA Holographic Bordeaux

And last, my favorite of them all so far, HEMA Holographic Bordeaux. 2 coats, no base, with top coat. As you can probably tell by the length of my nails, I've swatched this before some time, so I don't have any sunlight photos of it now. This one applied the best, 2 easy coats, no issues with pulling patches. But it did dry up less shiny than the others, so I did use top coat when I swatched this one.

HEMA Holographic Bordeaux

It's a red based purple with pretty strong holographic effect, but the effect seems a little more scattered than the other polishes that I tried so far. Considering the size/price of these bottles and the effect of them, I hope HEMA will add more holos in the future!

HEMA Holographic Bordeaux
daylight - daylight - flash

I'll be showing the green, blue and purple some other time, but what do you think of this collection so far? Thanks for looking :)