Fingers crossed for Abby!

Morning lovelies :) Just a quick fosterupdate: Abby is gonna get visitors on Tuesday already, that went so fast! I so hope it's a match and she'll finds her forever home that day! I'll post a bigger update on my fosterblog sometime soon and keep it shorter here, but she's doing absolutely fantastic. She's making little bits of progress every day, dares to show more and more of herself (and less of the snappy behaviour she showed, especially to my cats), and she's also learning that I'm not a scary thing when walking around. In fact, this morning she was sitting on the stairs and I ended up stepping over her because she wouldn't move, haha! She's really a little adult already, still has some kittenmoments but also packs plenty of character and a will of her own. Picking her up goes so much better already, and she absolutely loves to cuddle :)

I don't have as much pictures of her as I'd like, because she's a bit impressed by the camera at times, and other times she just can't sit still! She's often too busy with playing or cuddling with me :D

See, a lot of pictures end up like this! ^^

She's a pretty little lady :)

I hope for her sake that this is the last you'll be seeing of her here, but I'd miss her for sure! It's so special to see a foster improve ♥ And speaking of special, do you remember Mobi, the kitten with the amputated leg? Here's one of the posts where I showed him. I received a big update on him, he's doing awesome and looks like that too! It's really heartwarming to see how one of those tiny kittens grew up to become a healthy & happy cat with a bright future ahead of him, together with his feline friends and their wonderful home! I'm glad I could be a part of his start in life :)

I'll start swatching a bunch of Dance Legends again this week, and there's some BPS plates still waiting for review as well, so you'll see me again soon :) Have a lovely Sunday!