Dance Legend Pina Colada & Chumash

Ready for some Summer nails? Then read on, because these polishes are perfect for that! The Dance Legend Malibu collection (from last year's Summer) consists of 8 polishes that all have different glitters in a bright base. The 2 polishes that I received, Pina Colada and Chumash, are more vibrant than my pics show - but capturing such bright colors can be hard, so please just imagine them even bolder :)

Dance Legend Chumash Pina Colada

The Blessed Damozel - swatched & stamped!

A England added a new addition to the 'Heavenly Quotes' line, and oh my... it's purple perfection! The outstanding application of the A England polishes never ceases to amaze me, and The Blessed Damozel is no exception. It's pretty much a 1coater, although I still prefer 2 thin coats. It's rich in color, works for stamping, and well, what's not to love! I went with some basic stamping, but it almost feels a bit like it's unworthy of this polish as base, I mean, look how TBD looks on itself! ♥

A England The Blessed Damozel with Bundle Monster BM-702 and Kiko 622 Wisteria

Sub-Zero stamped

Yesterday I mentionned the stamped Sub-Zero mani that I took off again because a few nails turned blue (and I didn't realize yet that it was a thermal polish), but because I do like how it looked when it was dark, I wanted to share it anyway :)

Dance legend Sub-Zero with Catrice Copper Cabana, UberChic Beauty plate UC1-03 and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

Dance Legend Sub-Zero

Hey hey :) It's time for a little story, because this polish made me feel quite stupid, haha! I applied this, swatched it, and stamped on it, but while I was photographing the stamped mani, I had some weird reaction and some nails started to color a bit blue?! That didn't match well with the stamping, so I took it all off again, and planned on asking you guys if you knew what could've happened, was it caused by any of the top coats I used and did you ever have such a weird thing happening on your nails? Until I saw other swatches of it and realized it was a thermal polish... Lol!
I didn't realize I had such cold fingers the day I swatched it, oops :D To my defense, I can't even remember the last time I wore a color changing polish, that must be years ago! ^^ But of course I did swatch it again and tried out the effect with some help of a cup of tea, so this post is a little bit more packed with photos than originally planned!

Dance Legend Sub-Zero

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend: Gamayun & Binary top coat

Howdy! I recently showed you Bogeyman from the Anna Gorelova Winter collection, but the collection has a lot more beauties and I received another one, called Gamayun or Гамаюн. I also received the Binary top coat and have already shared some about it in previous posts, but let's see how it handles a textured polish!

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova 15 Gamayun


Hi guys! The more I use Dance Legend #1035 (swatched here), the more I fall in love with it, it's such a beautiful pink, and SO perfect for nailart! So here's another mani with that as base, and I stamped it twice with more pink colors. I'm very happy with how this one turned out ♥

Dance Legend #1035 with CND Muddy Rose, Manhattan 46Q and UberChic Beauty plate UC-1-01

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Valentine Trio

Gooood morning :) Today I have swatches of the Femme Fatale Cosmetics Valentine Trio for you. I know Valentine's Day is over, but this trio can be worn any day really, these clearly ain't your average V-day polishes with pink and hearts and all that!

UberChic Beauty stamping plates Collection 1

Heya :) I already showed you the 2nd collection plates from UberChic Beauty in my previous post, and today I have the other set for you. And yes, these are awesome too! I wanted to try out a very fine-lined image, to see how those work with these plates, and here's how that turned out:

Essence Enter Wonderland with A England Camelot, UberChic Beauty UC1-01 and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

UberChic Beauty stamping plates Collection 2

Good morning lovelies, I received 2 platesets from UberChic Beauty the other day, and oh my, I'm excited about these!! Simply put, the plates have great quality, great size (these are perfect for thumbs and longer nails as well!) ánd great images! I'll show the plates further down :)

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03

Dance Legend Top Aquarelle Sisley & Chagall

Hey all :) The more I see of Dance Legend, the more I'm loving the brand. We know they make some stunning multichromes, holos and glitters, but the polishes that I used for this mani are a thing I can't remember seeing before. They are polishes from the Top Aquarelle collection, a collection of 12 very sheer polishes, ment for coloring in images. Now at first I wasn't sure about them, I applied them on a swatchstick and after 3 coats they were still more sheer than anything else in my collection, and well, you could use any polish for coloring stamping by making a decal of it, right? But as soon as I tried them on my nails, I noticed they were something else :) Here's the mani, I'll tell more about the polishes further down!

Essence Enter Wonderland with Konad Black, UberChic Beauty plate UC2-01 and Dance legend Chagall and Sisley

Bundle Monster Secret Garden nail plates *pic heavy*

Hi guys! As you may have seen on my Facebook or Instagram, I got some insane nailmail yesterday: a whopping 31 stamping plates... OMG! They're all awesome and I couldn't resist trying them out straight away, so here's the first set. It's the new Secret Garden collection from Bundle Monster, this set contains 25 plates with a -you guessed it- garden theme! And as usual with Bundle Monster, I think they nailed the theme, these plates really have that romantic, swirly, floral feel which I absolutely LOVE! Let's have a look at all the plates first, before I show a little bit more of this mani :)

Essence Enter Wonderland with China Glaze Jolly Holly, Kiko Lawn Green and China Glaze 2030 with Bundle Monster plate BM-721 and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

How To: Work with fully covered image plates

Lately more and more brands bring out fully covered stampingplates with images overlapping each other, and these plates offer a truckload of image variation, because you get to decide what part of the plate will end up on your nail. But what's the easiest way to do so, and what if you only want a small image on your nail? Today I'll show you how I do it :) Starting with a mani for which I used the techniques described below!

OPI My Very First Knockwurst with A England Sleeping Palace and Bundle Monster BM-718

Enamel Glass #1056 & #1057

Morning! The polishes that I'm showing now are from the Enamel Glass collection by Dance Legend, and I can see why they're called glass; they definitely have that squishy look to them, but I think they look more watery than most jellies. I think these are perfect for layering, or if you like a sheer look, you can wear them on their own with more or less coats. For these swatches I used 3 coats of each polish, with top coat.

Enamel Gel Effect 2 #1035: swatched & stamped!

Hi guys! The polish that I'm showing today looks great on itself, but you know I love stamping on cremes, so that's exactly what I did! I went with some double stamping, and I'm very happy with how this one turned out :)

Dance Legend #1035 with China Glaze 2030 and MASH plate 43, China Glaze Joy and DRK XL Designer plate 1

Taupe & glitters

Earlier today my sister was visiting with my niece, and thanks to her little girl showing interest in my polish, I noticed this glitter polish standing in the back of the drawer. It's so easy to forget about some polishes if you have a lot! But as soon as I had it in my hands, I knew I wanted to wear it again, and with a taupe base. And there's one taupe that I love more than all the others, so that was an easy choice :) Here's the result!

China Glaze Below Deck with China Glaze Your Present Required and BPS Super Matte

Dance Legend Бабай - Bogeyman

Good evening :) I just changed the blog a bit, to show more posts on the frontpage, with a preview and a 'read more' option below them. Hope you'll find it handy to see more manis on the frontpage! Today's polish is from the Anna Gorelova Winter collection by Dance Legend, and it's a lovely matte polish.

Dance Legend 20 Бабай Bogeyman

Dance Legend Bellagio & NY NY

Hi all! Here's 2 more shades from Dance Legend, this time from their Las Vegas collection. Both of these have a clear base and can be used for layering, but I'm showing them on their own today. They covered in 3 thin coats, and my swatches are with 1 layer of their Binary top coat.

Collage of the Month: December - January

Morning lovelies, here's the collage of the last 2 months :) Have a nice Sunday!