UberChic Beauty stamping plates Collection 2

Good morning lovelies, I received 2 platesets from UberChic Beauty the other day, and oh my, I'm excited about these!! Simply put, the plates have great quality, great size (these are perfect for thumbs and longer nails as well!) ánd great images! I'll show the plates further down :)

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03

The plates have the usual protective foil on the front, and a PVC sticker on the back, so these plates ain't sharp. I know the majority of plates have this nowadays, but every time I use a plate that doesn't have that, I'm happy with the plates that do!
There are 2 sets of 3 plates, each plate is 9.5x14.5cm and the images themselves are a whopping 1.7x2.1cm! Or as UberChic Beauty says: "The designs are built to cover large nails but are specifically crafted to not be so overwhelming or large that you can't see what is on your nail - even if it's tiny!". I think they managed to make the designs exactly how they ment it. I've of course added them to my stamping size comparison, but the image below should give a good idea of the size as well.
Nice extra touch: the business card that came with them works as a scraper too, so you won't damage your new plates!

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03

Time to look at the first plateset, and this is Collection 2 - I'll show Collection 1 in a later post :) The 3 images below are clickable for an enlargement.

I've already used the bottom right image in my last mani, which I showed here, but there's a lot more images that I can't wait to see on the nail! Like the image with all the little blocks on the right side, but I can totally see a coffee mani as well, with various creames and browns, and various images of course. And maybe a sprinkle of glitter...

I'm especially loving the leaves and flowery thingies next to it, the feathers, and those big circly things in the middle. But look at that image at the bottom as well, it should be so easy to stamp a city with stars like that; black on the bottom, yellow/white/gold at the top, scrape and stamp, city at night perfectly done! And if you have smaller nails or just want a stripe of stars, stamp half of the image at a time.

The last plate from this collection has a bit of a travel theme going on, and if you want to be creative with it, stamp that worldmap, add some of the little images on top, that could be cute! But you know I'm a full-nail-fan, and I simply adore the image that I used for today's mani ♥ The top left images, at first they look like a random design and can be used like that, but look closer and you'll see ankers and ship steering wheels, matching the 2 small images in the middle.
All of the plates have a lot of designs that I can see myself using, and I'm happy these plates are now part of my collection too :)

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03.

Dance Legend #1035 with HEMA #825, A England Camelot and UberChic Beauty plate UC2-03

For those of you who follow me on Facebook and saw my question for a black stamping polish the other day, yes, I did end up buying Camelot, haha! It seems to be the perfect black on the nail, however, it didn't stamp as pitch-black as I'd like on this first try. I'll give it another go of course, but just in case, I now have a whole bunch of black stamping options, thanks all! ♥

You can buy the UberChic Beauty plates at their website, but you can find UCB on social media like Facebook and Instagram as well. What do you think of this plate collection? I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, take care :)

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