Inspired by... my paintings

Morning! I recently found out there's painting by numbers for adults as well, and I couldn't resist giving that a go! I remember them from when I was a child, I don't think I did them often, but from what I recall they were usually animals and had a plastic white frame, and they never turned out the way the were on the box, lol! But luckily the adult version turned out good :) I still have plenty acrylic paint left, so decided to go for a mani with a bunch of the green colors. I didn't really have a plan in my head, but it turned out like some sort of messy camo plants. Yeah, that sounds about right!

Basecoat with acrylic paint stamped with Mundo de Uñas Lime and Born Pretty Store plate QA27

Fossils on my nails!

I showed some awesome Messy Mansion plates in my previous post, and here's another mani done with them. This time I went for the dino plate, and instead of going for the usual, using a full nail image, I randomly stamped some of the smaller images. Or well, smaller... as you can see, they're still pretty big! :)

Catrice Lost In Mud with Mundo de Uñas Bones and Messy Mansion MM47

4 Messy Mansion plates

Hi all :) Messy Mansion recently added some new plates to their collection, and I received 4 of them to show you, so here we go! I'm showing all the plates in this post, and only 1 mani, but you'll be seeing more nails done with the other plates soon too. I just couldn't resist sharing them all straight away!

Essence Absolutely Blue with Essence Hard To Resist and Messy Mansion MM48

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Beauty So Fly exclusives

Morning :) Femme Fatale Cosmetics has 2 polishes that are exclusives for the Beauty So Fly webshop, and here are my swatches of these 2!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Beauty So Fly Exclusive Glass Carnival Sideshow Sparkler

Essence I ♥ Trends combo

Hi all! I bought a couple of Essence polishes a few months ago, did a mani with them, and still didn't show that here. Time to fix that!

Essence I N**e It with China Glaze Poetic and BornPrettyStore plate 05, accentnails of Essence I'm Lost In You with Essence Cupcake Topping, and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

Hearts with Bones

Nono, there's no actual bones stamped on my nails, but this Mundo de Uñas polish is called Bones! And it matches its name well, it's a warm, light beige stamping polish that leans to the yellow side. Here it's shown in a lighter, somewhat pale mani, but just like the other MdU polishes that I tried, you can stamp this on any color. It covers perfect on light and dark!

Catrice Steel My Soul with Mundo de Uñas 67 Bones and Bundle Monster BM-317

Mundo de Uñas gradient tiger

What better way to start off a sunny weekend than with fun & bright nails! The Mundo de Uñas stamping polishes that I used here are perfect for such a mani :) They're closer to neon (they dry more matte too), and you know how that goes with capturing them! So yes, they're showing too soft in color here.

Catrice How I Matt Your Mother with Mundo de Uñas Orchid, Fiji and Fantasy and DRK XL Designer plate 1

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Every once in a while I review some nail wraps, because I think they can be a great solution for people that struggle with polishing or nail art, people that want a unique design that really lasts long, or people that simply love easy accentnails. Jamberry is a brand I didn't try before, and they were so kind to send me 2 of their designs. Let's have a look!

Bright green with Mundo de Uñas Lime

Hi guys! I recently received some stamping polish from Mundo de Uñas, a brand that I was very curious about. I tried some out already and well, I now want ALL their colors, haha! These stamping polishes are simply perfect! I'll of course show them all soon, and here's the first, Lime.

Miss Sporty #464 with Mundo de Uñas 65 Lime and MoYou London Pro plate 06

Collage of the Month: March

Hi guys! Here's the March collage, the coming month will have more like it. I have some reviews planned (including some stamping polish that arrived this morning and I'm very excited about!), there will be some nail arts, some glitters, and there's gonna be a winner of my giveaway! Don't forget to enter if you haven't done that yet :) Have a lovely day ♥