Soft & printed

Oh wow, it's been a week since my last post? It feels like just a few days! I got sucked into a new game (LOVE The Witcher 3!), I guess that might just have something to do with it, hehe. Ah well, luckily there's some pics left in my vault of unposted stuff =)

Perfect Touch #13 stamped with Perfect Touch #04 and Messy Mansion MM46

UberChic Beauty plate collection 3!

It's just a few months ago that I blogged about plate collection 1 and collection 2 from UberChic Beauty, and now they already brought out more plates, yay! This time it's a new collection, and 4 loose plates, each with its own theme (alphabet, numbers, hipster & geek). I got the opportunity to review collection 3, and I'll tell you straight away that it's yet another fantastic collection! ♥

Various green acrylic paint with Konad Black, UberChic Beauty plate UC3-01 and BornPrettyStopre Super Matte

Holo stripes with BPS

Hi guys! This was one of those manis that turned out better than I had in mind, I just love this combo! I used a BornPrettyStore plate, more on that one below :)

Perfect Touch #28 Sweet Princess with A England Jane Morris and BornPrettyStore BP-67

BornPrettyStore plate & rectangular stamper

Hey lovelies :) BornPrettyStore recently send me 2 new plates and a new stamper, and I'm happy to show them, BPS really upped their game! More on that below, let's look at the mani first:

OPI Thanks A Windmillion with A England Proserpine and BornPrettyStore BP-L015

Testing out Incense Burner!

As I said in my Rossetti's Goddess post, the whole collection works for stamping! But Incense Burner was the polish that I had most doubts about, since it was a bit sheer on the first coat and really needed that 2nd coat for full coverage. And yes, it's a little sheer for stamping, but with the right undies and image, it's no problem!

Dance Legend #1035 with A England Incense Burner and Messy Mansion MM46

A England Rossetti's Goddess

Hi guys! Well I can just start writing a whole lot of compliments and other positive words here, because A England did it again: Rossetti's Goddess is a collection with absolutely stunning polishes that apply like a dream ♥ Get ready for some serious picspam!

Cute pink cats

Just a short post today, with the result of stamping on my nails with a Dance Legend Hammering polish! I did use more polish than usual on the plate (filled the plate in a bit, instead of my usual stripe of polish near the top of the image), to make sure the image would be covered and wouldn't get tiny holes from the hammered effect of the polish. As you can see, that worked perfect!

Dance Legend #1035 with Dance Legend #4 As You Wish and Messy Manion plate MM50

Dance Legend HammeRing collection

Hi there! Now here's something I haven't seen before in polishworld, metallic polish that straight away transforms on the nail to give a hammered look. And it didn't surprise me that it was Dance Legend that brought us this collection, they really seem to master any finish!
The HammeRing collection has 6 metallic polishes, and they all applied very easy and smooth, covered in 1 coat, and transformed pretty much as soon as the brush hit my nail. I'm showing them without base- and topcoat.