BornPrettyStore plate & rectangular stamper

Hey lovelies :) BornPrettyStore recently send me 2 new plates and a new stamper, and I'm happy to show them, BPS really upped their game! More on that below, let's look at the mani first:

OPI Thanks A Windmillion with A England Proserpine and BornPrettyStore BP-L015

I've been using BPS products for many years now, and I remember back in the days, I think BPS just started with plates and they weren't always great. At times they had sharp edges, the images weren't always transferring as well, and some plates had really tiny full nail images. But throughout the years they kept improving their plates ánd kept adding designs. They now have LOADS of plates that are of good quality and still very affordable, but their latest package contained 2 newer plates that went even further than that: these 2 came with their own cover with a fancy looking design and a protective cover/rubber plate on the back. But most important, the images themselves have a nice size and transfer great!

BornPrettyStore plates

I will show the round plate some other time, but here's a closer look at the rectangular plate. This is plate BP-L015, or Forest Pattern Trees on their website. This plate costs $4.79. I'm loving the designs! I can see myself using the image that I used today over and over again, but that's not the only image that I can envision on my nails!
The images are 2.0x1.45 cm (you can see the size on my comparison as well), and this size is perfect for my nails. Not too small to make me have to put effort into fully covering each nail or having to doublestamp, yet not too big to loose a lot of each image. Happy with this plate! :)

BornPrettyStore plate BP-L015

Another item that BPS send me is this stamper, it comes as a set of a stamper and a scraper, but I didn't receive the latter so I can't say much about that. If you order this set, i'm sure you'll get both though! The set costs $3.74 and can be found here. If you order anything, don't forget to use coupon code ABJ61 for 10% off!

BornPrettyStore plate BP-L015 and stamper

As you can see, the size is perfect for the images on the plate shown above, and I think it'll be a helpful tool when you really want to stamp straight. You can line up your image perfect with the stamper, and then line it up against your nail as well. The stamper is quite shiny, but as always with a new stamper, I gave it a gentle filing for the first use and that took the shine away, making it look more like the stampers we're used to. It works great and the white part fits perfect in the black holder, without falling out or sinking in too deep.

I've shown the big round stamper before as well, it's also a BPS stamper and it's my favorite nowadays, I don't use anything else anymore! I used the Konad doublesided stamper for many years, but ever since I got the feeling for the big, squishy BPS stamper, the Konad one feels odd, haha. I'm glad the rectangular stamper is now a part of my stash as well, it's the same squishy thing but in a different shape. Tip: I've noticed that these squishy stampers can easily attract fluffy bits (like tiny pieces of fabric), and cleaning them with remover isn't always handy. But I think that'll eventually dry out your stamper anyway, and a lint roller works SO well to clean your stamper! So nowadays I work with squishy stampers and lint roller, and I wouldn't want it any other way anymore :)

BornPrettyStore stampers

And here's the nails again!

OPI Thanks A Windmillion with A England Proserpine and BornPrettyStore BP-L015

OPI Thanks A Windmillion with A England Proserpine and BornPrettyStore BP-L015.

OPI Thanks A Windmillion with A England Proserpine and BornPrettyStore BP-L015

What do you think of the plate, and what's your favorite stamper? Thanks for looking and have a lovely weekend! ♥

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