Catrice for Fall/Winter 2015 - Preview

Yep, it's that time of the year again, Catrice send out the big press release for the upcoming seasons! These items will be in stores near the end of July in the Netherlands and Belgium. Starting with the polish, make-up is further down. All images are clickable for an enlargement. Let me know if you wish to know more of a product :)

Unfortunately I don't know the names of these polishes, prices will be between €2,89 and €2,99.

Roughly translated:
Chocolate is the new black. Soft and subtle tints are winning popularity. This Fall and Winter smoky eyes will be created with warm brown and dark beige colors. The textures are long lasting and offer both matte and pearl effects. The new lipstick colors are intensely dark-prune, berry, Merlot red and eggplant. A beautiful, natural and smooth complexion is the must have base for all make-up styles. New shaping products give the face pretty contours, add depth and create highlights on the areas you want. Dark nail polishes are the trend for the colder months.

• Longlasting Brow Definer €3,39 - Fixing Brow Wax €2,99 - Kohl Kajal €1,99 - Absolute Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette €4,99
• Luxury Lashes Volume Mascara €4,89 - Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow €4,89 - Eye‘Matic Dip Liner Waterproof €3,39
• Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow €2,89 - Lash Boost Lash Growth Overnight Serum €4,99
• Velvet Matt Eyeshadow €3,99 - Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow €2,89

• Velvet Finish Powder with Hyaluron €4,99 - Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder €4,99 - Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer €3,59 - Illuminating Highlighter Pen €3,99
• Multi Matt Blush €3,99 - Defining Blush €3,59 (according to the PR info, there should be 3 new colors, but I only have the images of 2)
• Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation €7,59 - Illusion Make-up €7,59

• Pure Brilliants Colour Lip Balm €4,99 - Glossy Lip Glow €3,99 (color changes depending on the amount of layers and on the pH value of your lips) - Beautifying Lip Smoother €3,59 - Longlasting Lip Pencil €1,99 - *no information* - Ultimate Colour Lip Colour €3,99
• Ultimate Stay Lipstick €4,99
• Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick €3,99


I have to say, the polishes aren't really doing it for me, feels like standard colors that we've often seen before! But the trio eyeshadows and that chocolate palette caught my attention, and so do the multi matt blushes and the pure brilliants lip balm. Curious to see them in stores! How about you, anything that you'd like to see in real life?