Messy Mansion plates and Accessories Kit 2.0

Hey guys! It's not just 3 great plates that I'm blogging about today, but also an accessories kit that's simply perfect for all the stamping lovers out there! But first, here's a mani I did with one of the plates, you can see them all and the kit further down :)

A England Camelot with Mundo de Uñas Lime and Messy Mansion MM51

The plates come with protective blue foil on the front, and no protective backing, but the plates aren't sharp either. Just like the other Messy Mansion plates that I have, these plates are larger than the average plate, they're 7cm in diameter to be precise! The average round plate is 5.6cm, so they're clearly quite a bit bigger. And as you can see, so are the images!

Messy Mansion MM51

This is the plate I used for the mani in this post, I took a piece of the fence on the right. That middle image is HUGE, haha! And considering how long some of these images are, they're perfect for really long nails too. I just took a small part of that image, about 1/4 even. I haven't seen a plate with fences before, so unique! I bet it could look lovely if you split a fence in 2 and stamp 'em on 2 nails.

Messy Mansion MM53

The images on this plate are long and narrow, they'll fit on all my nails except my thumb, there I lack a tiny bit on the sides then. But you can always stamp them horizontally as well of course. Another plate with pretty fences & swirly designs :)

Messy Mansion MM56

And here's my favorite, a plate that satisfies any need for lace designs, and again suitable for those with really long nails as well. These designs are packed with fine details, but the Messy Mansion plates are of such high quality that you'll get it all on the nail!

A England Camelot with Mundo de Uñas Lime and Messy Mansion MM51

A England Camelot with Mundo de Uñas Lime and Messy Mansion MM51.

A England Camelot with Mundo de Uñas Lime and Messy Mansion MM51

And here's something I'm very excited about, the Accessories Kit 2.0! This cute little tin contains 3 plastic scrapers in 3 different thicknesses, and 2 metal templates. This kit is fantastic, especially for all those fully covered plates, and for all those crazy stamping ideas that you might have but weren't sure how to get onto your nails without a truckload of tape :D I think they might also be handy for other things, like cutting a shape out of dry watermarbles or (homemade) decals. I haven't tried that yet though!

And as you might know, I struggle a bit with plastic scrapers, the sharp metal ones just give the best result for me. But I'm loving the thickest scraper of this set, it works great for me so far! So if you have a hard time getting clean images, trying a different scraper can help, and this kit offers variation in those as well.

Messy Mansion Accessories Kit 2.0

Here's a quick test on paper (I haven't even tried them on my nails yet, but I was too excited to share this kit!), I used the largest lace image from plate MM56, and this also shows again how well the Messy Mansion plates work by the way. I cleaned the plate just once in between all these little tests! ♥ The metal templates are thin enough to give no problems whatsoever with picking up the designs, and you use them by scraping the excess polish of your design and placing the template on top of it, then picking up the design with your stamper. I did notice that a soft, squishy stamper works best.

To give you an idea of the size of the templates, the nail shapes vary between 1.3x2.2cm (largest) and 0.65x1.0cm (smallest). In my case, the 2nd most large image is big enough for my thumb already ^^

The Accessories Kit 2.0 is currently sold out (no wonder, it's awesome!!), but you can always fill in your email at the productpage so you get a notification mail when the product is back in stock. Messy Mansion sells all kinds of stamping tools, plates and other products, which you can all find on their website.

What do you think of my black&lime combo? And how about the plates and accessories kit, anything you'd like of that? :) Thanks for looking!

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