Femme Fatale Cosmetics - The Mad Tea-Party Collection *pic heavy*

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is launching a new collection, for which the presale will start tomorrow (August 1st) and will run till the 5th. These beauties arrived just in time and I rushed to get the swatches done, so you can see them before the presale starts! As Femme Fatale Cosmetics says:

"The Mad Tea-Party Collection is based upon a chapter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The contrast between muted and vibrant colours with variety of finishes reflects the soberness and eccentricity (respectively) found within the characters in this chapter."

To me this looks like a typical FFC collection, lots of finishes and various colors, often combined into a single polish. Intricate and pretty, and with plenty variety to offer something for most people. Here's a quick look, check out the full swatches further down :)

Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Mad Tea-Party

Simply striped (and 2 DRK Nails plates!)

I've done a couple of more creative manis in the past month, with stamping decals and such, but I never get tired of a simple tone-on-tone either! And I had a nice matte polish standing on my desk, untried, so I teamed it up with an A England polish and one of these pretty DRK Nails plates, to create this simple striped mani.

Essence Macarena Mint with A England Saint George and DRK Nails Cobogo 2

Lace nails with a touch of sparkle

Earlier this month I reviewed some BornPrettyStore plates, and I already showed manis with 2 of those plates (here's the 2nd mani). The 3rd plate is a plate packed with lace designs, and I went for some A England stamping, to add that little bit of sparkle ♥

Catrice C02 with A England Sleeping Palace and BornPrettyStore BP-L020

Pastel gradient with DRK Nails

Morning! DRK Nails send me a couple of their plates and for this mani I used one of them. There's 2 in this post, the others will be in upcoming posts, so keep an eye on my blog if you wish to see more of them!

Essence Enter Wonderland with China Glaze Something Sweet, Kinetic Candy and Sweet Hook, stamped with China Glaze LOL And DRK Nails Designer 3

Cheetah nails with Bundle Monster

Bundle Monster kindly send me some items for review, and I already showed you the dual sided tools and their latest plate collection, Shangri-La. I really liked those items, and the items that I'll show today also get my stamp of approval!

A England Camelot with Essence A Piece of Forever and Bundle Monster plates BM-221 and BM-424, Dance Legend Top Satin and China Glaze Bump In The Night with a Bundle Monster 3D charm

UberChic Beauty Love & Marriage

Hi guys! The last of the 4 UCB single plates that got released recently, is the Love & Marriage plate, and today I have my review of that plate for you. And I used it for a swirly girly mani with pink and glitters!

Essence Hola, Guapa with Konad White, Essence Silver Sparkle and UberChic beauty Uc Love & Marriage -01

Foster kittens Poppy, Munchy and Nala

Hi lovelies! I've spoken about my new foster kittens and I've shared them on a few of my social media, I'm catching up on my fosterblog as well, so it's about time to share them here too! These 3 girls are now estimated 7 weeks old, 2 of them are sisters (Poppy and Nala), Munchy was found alone and injured. After getting a week of benchrest, her main issue, her backleg, did improve a bit, but it's far from good yet and we'll take her to the vet on Wednesday. It doesn't seem to hurt though! The sisters are doing a lot better as well, they needed some medical treatment too, now that's almost finished and all that is left is further socializing. Here are my current cuties ♥

Poppy and Nala were a bit scared at first, but that's nothing a little attention from my Dewey won't fix! I'm still a bit impressive for them, but when they're sleepy they forget about all that, and do enjoy their cuddles then.

UberChic Beauty Out Of Africa

I'm continuing my trip around the world with UberChic Beauty's Out Of Africa plate, which is packed with animals, prints and Egyptian designs. Here's a mani I did with it, you can see the plate further down :)

Essence Enter Wonderland with China Glaze Sunshine Pop, Papaya Punch and Ruby Deer, stamped with Konad Black and UberChic Beauty UC Out Of Africa -01

UberChic Beauty The Far East

Yesterday I showed you UberChic Beauty's The Wild West plate, today it's The Far East's turn! I'm sure you straight away get some images in mind with a theme like that, let's see below if the plate has those as well...

OPI My Vampire Is Buff with A England Dorian Gray and Virgin Queen and UberChic Beauty plate UC The Far East -01

UberChic Beauty The Wild West

UberChic Beauty recently released 4 new plates (yes, they're on a roll!) and I got the pleasure of reviewing them all :) The first one that I'll be showing is 'The Wild West -01', a plate which is completely filled with -you guessed it- wild west related images. Check out the plate further down!

Dance Legend #1031 with Konad Black, Essie Angora Cardi, Catrice New York and UberChic Beauty UC The Wild West -01

Dance Legend Firefly

Howdy! Here are 2 polishes of Dance Legend Firefly, which is a collection with 9 glow in the dark polishes. And they sure do glow!

Dance Legend Firefly

A touch of color with Bundle Monster dual sided tools

Hey lovelies, just a quick post in between all the foster care! I'll post something about my 3 new fosterkittens soon too, but here's another reversed stamping first :)

OPI My Very First Knockwurst with Konad Black, Catrice Heavy Metallilac and Poison Me, Poison You! with Bundle Monster BM-S104.

Matte flowers

Yep, that's right, I'm into the matte again thanks to reviewing Dance Legend Top Satin :) Here's a quick post for which I used an image of one of the BPS plates that I showed here.

Dance Legend Velvet #655 with A England Proserpine, Born Pretty Store BPL-024 and Dance Legend Top Satin

New Bundle Monster plate collection: Shangri-La

Hi there! Bundle Monster just released a new plate collection, it's called Shangri-La and consists of 10 square plates, which are sold as a complete set ánd as single plates. I'll tell a bit more about them below, but lets not wait any longer and take a look at them first!

Bundle Monster Shangri-La

OPI My Vampire Is Buff with A England Fotheringhay Castle and Bundle Monster BM-S105

Reversed roses with BPS plates

Hi there! I did a 'reverse stamping' mani the other day with a rose image from BornPrettyStore. When I saw that image, I straight away knew what I wanted to do with it, and I'm glad that it turned out so well! It was quite a bit of work, but I'm really loving the result! :) Here's the finished mani, the plates are further down:

Dance Legend #1031 with Konad Black, Red and Green and BornPrettyStore BP-73 and Dance Legend Top Satin

Essence for Fall/Winter 2015 - Preview

Morning! Today I have the Essence preview for the coming seasons for you, these products should be available in August. Unfortunately the file with all the information doesn't open well on my pc (I just see a couple of randomly placed images), so I'll just post allll the images without the information. But I think most of these images speak for themselves anyway :) And as always with such images, they're clickable for an enlargement. Enjoy!

Blue roses with Dance Legend Go Fast and Top Satin

Hey all, here's a mani that didn't go as planned, but I'm liking the result nevertheless! I wanted to make a blue watercolor base, but that already went wrong on the first nail. Lesson 1, don't apply the drops of polish straight from the bottle, you might end up with a huge blob instead of a small drop, haha! So instead of a real watercolor base (apply basecolor, then top coat to protect the base, add small drops of color, take a brush with remover and 'paint' it on the drops of color to create a watercolor effect), it looks more like saran wrap meets remover, or something. I'll tell more about this mani and the top coats further down!

Dance Legend Velvet #655 with OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw, A England Galahad, Essence Forever Mine, Konad Black with UberChic Beauty plate UC1-02 and Dance Legend Top Satin

Random Dance Legend swatches (+ nail art!)

Hi lovelies! Our hot weather continues, so it's time to empty my vault a bit. I have some mani ideas, but the thought of polishing (and risking bubbled polish on top of that), isn't really doing it for me right now! But when temperatures drop a little bit, there's plenty ideas in my head to get going with, that's for sure :) Today I have some Dance Legend swatches + nail art for you, with polishes from the Velvet, Sahara Crystal, Binary and Enamel Gel-Effect 2 collections.

Polynesian Tribal

Morning! I'm glad I still have some unposted manis, because summer has arrived, and it's way too warm to sit inside and polish! So I'll be outside today, with my inflatable kiddie pool :D In the meantime I do have a summery mani for you, the basecolor of this one has to be one of my favorite blues, it's such a vibrant color! I couldn't capture it well, my camera tones it down a little but ah well. I'll show swatches of it soon too, and explain more of why I like it so much!

Dance Legend #1039 with OPI I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw and Bundle Monster BM-XL115

Collage of the Month: June

June was a month with swatches, nail arts, and giveaways of course! All the winners have replied and their prizes should be on the way :) For this month I have more Dance Legend polishes and stamping plates to show you!