Essence for Fall/Winter 2015 - Preview

Morning! Today I have the Essence preview for the coming seasons for you, these products should be available in August. Unfortunately the file with all the information doesn't open well on my pc (I just see a couple of randomly placed images), so I'll just post allll the images without the information. But I think most of these images speak for themselves anyway :) And as always with such images, they're clickable for an enlargement. Enjoy!

There's definitely some polish that I'd like to check out in the store (like the glitter topper, the soap bubble top coat, the right 2 metals, and the 'powdery finish' of those no make-up look polishes), and maybe some lippies. Those kinda eyeshadow palettes always appeal to me, but I'm no star in applying eyeshadow, so I guess I'll just leave them. How about you, what got your attention here?