Reversed stamping with lots of colors!

Heya! Lately I've been spoiled badly with all the plates that I received, but doing those reviews also ment that I didn't get to play as much with each plate as I'd like (not complaining here, don't get me wrong, it's awesome and I feel SO honored that I got those opportunities! :)). Having foster kittens doesn't help either, but my current sweeties are doing great, and stamping decals combine nicely with kittens: I can make them in between and won't have to walk around with wet nails as much! So that's exactly what I did here, I took a plate from a set that I wanted to play more with, Bundle Monster's Shangri-La set, and made decals on my Uber Mat last night while they were sleeping. And today, during another nap, I finished the mani :)

China Glaze Aquadelic with accentnails of Konad White with Bundle Monster BM-S107 and China Glaze Aquadelic, China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic, HEMA #840, W.I.C. by Herôme Aarhus & Yokohama

UberChic Beauty Fairytale: Sweet April with BornPrettyStore stamping polish

Hi there! As you may have seen on my social media, I have new foster kittens, 2 babies of just 2.5 weeks old. Because of that, I won't blog as much in the coming days or even weeks, they still need to be bottle-fed round the clock! I do have a few hours in between, but my head isn't fully into polish right now and I also don't want to risk having wet polish on my nails if one of them needs unexpected help :) I hope to post more of them on my foster blog sometime today, but I might just go for a nap instead, haha. Anyway, now you know why my blog might go a little quiet, but here's a quick review post in between!

Catrice Grey's Kelly with BornPrettyStore Ya Qin An #16 and UberChic Beauty Special Edition Fairytale: Sweet April

UberChic Beauty Collection 4

Besides the Uber Mat, which I blogged about in my previous post, UberChic Beauty also released a bunch of new plates! A new collection and 2 loose plates, and today I have my review of the collection for you :)

Catrice Pebble Beach with Dance Legend Top Satin, accentnails of A England Camelot with Konad Black and UberChic Beauty plate UC4-02, with China Glaze LOL, DV8, BFF, QT, IDK and TTYL

UberChic Beauty Uber Mat

UberChic Beauty just released something new, something that we haven't seen before, and something that's called uber. But is it? Time to find out, here's my review of the Uber Mat!

UberChic Beauty Uber Mat Review

Sinful Colors Unicorn with decals made of Konad Black, Orly Spark, China Glaze Peachy Keen, Catrice I Am A Lob-Star and UberChic Beauty plate UC4-01, with Dance Legend Top Satin

Collage of the Month: July

July had plenty nail art posts, and that'll continue in August! What you can expect to see is at least another DRK Nails plate, the new UberChic Beauty plates, and the Uber Mat! I'm very excited to share all those, keep an eye on my blog for the reviews if you're interested :)