Burnt orange meets black

This mani feels perfect for the season, it's an easy-peasy stamped mani but with big result, if you ask me! The basecolor that I used here is amazing for fall, and it works with my skintone as well, which isn't always the case with orange/golden colors. And if you'd like something orange-y on your nails for Halloween, this polish will be perfect for you too :)

   OPI A Woman's Prague-ative with BornPrettyStore Temix #12 and UberChic Beauty UC3-01

And here's fall on my nails!

Good morning! I had something different in my mind for this mani, but sometimes it's hard to imagine how it'll turn out on the nails, and this was one of those moments. But in the end, it did all come together I think :) No sure if I should've mattified it though, that took away the soft shimmers in the sponged polishes. Nevertheless, it sure feels nice to wear such colors again!

Essence A Piece Of Forever sponged with Trind Emerald Swirl, Golden Leaves and Sunset Orange, Bellisimo Jerusalem Stone, Essence A Piece Of Forever and BornPrettyStore BPL-024 & Dance Legend Top Satin

Last summer mani of the year?

Hi guys! It's been almost a month since my last post, what can I say, real life got in the way :) But that did give me plenty time to get lots of inspiration again, and the current season (and matching weather...) gives even more ideas; time for the fall colors! ♥ But before I get to that, I still have some products that I didn't review yet. In one of my last posts I already showed you a BornPrettyStore stamping polish that I liked a lot, but I had another one (different brand, but also from BPS) and a little jar of studs in my review drawer. Time to test those!

Dance Legend Julia with Essence The White Bunny, BornPrettyStore Temix #12, UberChic Beauty plate Out Of Africa and BornPrettyStore studs