Simple stamping, Mont Bleu products and an update!

Hey there :) I'm starting this post with a mani from the vault, for which I used an Essence polish from their latest core line. It's a lovely matte!

 Essence Happy New Green with Kiko #626 Lawn Green and UberChic Beauty plate UC 4-02

 Essence Happy New Green with Kiko #626 Lawn Green and UberChic Beauty plate UC 4-02

Essence Happy New Green with Kiko #626 Lawn Green and UberChic Beauty plate UC 4-02.

 Essence Happy New Green with Kiko #626 Lawn Green and UberChic Beauty plate UC 4-02

I have quite a few items waiting for a review, but I'll start with the oldest: Mont Bleu nail files! You probably know by now that I only use glass files for my nails, and I love the Mont Bleu products. It's not just the quality of the products, they also have such a huge range of products in all kinds of colors, often with Swarovski crystals. They send me a nail file set in a gift box, and one of their foot files.

Direct links: foot file large filemedium filesmall file

The nail files are in the color combination Light Sapphire and can be bought loose, or combined with a gift box for a lovely looking set. The files all come with their own velvet sleeve. The small one is a perfect sized travel nail file!

The foot file has a fine and a coarse side. I keep a pumice stone in my bathroom and use that whenever I take a shower, but this file is a gentle addition for my feet! And you can easily rinse it off after using it as well, just like the Mont Bleu nail files.

And here's to show you the size of the foot file and the large nail file, the latter is a little too large for my fingernails for my liking, but it makes for an easy pedi. I'm happy to have these products :)

Lastly, a little update as to why I've been so inactive lately. My life has simply been way too busy for my liking, and unfortunately, my blog is one of the first things that'll go on a pause when things get a bit too much for me to handle. It's not that I don't want to blog, but I simply don't have the energy for it right now :(
The upcoming week should've been a relaxed one, but last Friday foster kittens Toby and Belle returned to me (one of their owners was allergic), so now I have a duo 13weeks old kittens in my house. Fun, but distracting and a little draining as well! They'll get visitors on Wednesday already though, so I hope it's a match and these 2 can finally move to their forever home, they deserve it so much.
My own cat Sue needed a trip to the vet yesterday, looks like she has an allergy as well, so I have to be on guard to make sure the kittens can eat their kittenfood while Sue can't eat along. We're not sure what she's reacting to, but I have to give her their dry food only for the coming 6 weeks, and see what happens then. My poor girl, I hope she heals soon and won't need to switch food, since she has special food for her arthrosis. And today it's been 2 years ago since I said goodbye to my cat Bindi, and I've been thinking more of her again now as well, I miss her.
Add a new baby in the family (my sister and her husband now have 2 lovely little girls!), me just not feeling so well, all kinds of appointments and things like a new kitchen, and you can hopefully understand why I'm a little overwhelmed and my blog went quiet. Having said that, I hope you're all doing fine and I'm looking forward to being more relaxed again and showing you all the pretty polishes and plates that are waiting! Thanks for looking and take care for now :)

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