Onecklace silver chevron birthstone necklace

Hey all! Today I have another Onecklace review for you, this time of a beautiful, chevron-shaped necklace with a Swarovski birthstone (diamond, to go with April). And of course I have a mani to go with it :)

Catrice How I Matt Your Mother with China Glaze Millennium, Bundle Monster Polynesia BM-XL113 and Viva La Nails rhinestones, Onecklace sterling silver chevron birthstone necklace

Simply swirled

Time for something simple in between all the reviews, but simple doesn't mean boring to me; I never get tired of a mani like this! And it also shows that A England Let Me In stamps wonderfully ♥

Perfect Touch #27 Utaupia with A England Let Me In and UberChic Beauty plate UC4-01

Onecklace silver angel wing bracelet

Hi guys! A while ago I've reviewed an Onecklace angel wing necklace, and I'm so happy that I got another review opportunity with them! This time I chose a beautiful necklace, which I'll show sometime soon, and a bracelet that matches with the previous necklace. Here's a quick look at the bracelet and my nails, further down you'll find more information and a 10 off coupon code :)

A England Wuthering Heights with BornPrettyStore Ya Qin An #16, UberChic Beauty plate 4-01, Essence Glitter top coat and Dance Legend Top Satin, Onecklace silver wing bracelet

JORD Wood Watch Cora

Hey all :) As you might've seen on my social media, the lovely people at JORD contacted me and asked if I wanted to review for them again, and of course I said yes! I've showed you the Ely watch before and this time I chose Cora, in a beautiful combination of Koa wood and rose gold, with little Swarovski sparkles here and there.

In this post you'll find my review, my nails of course, and... a $35 JORD Gift Card for you!

JORD Wood Watch Cora Koa Rose Gold with  Essence 02 stamped with Perfect Touch #04, China Glaze Poetic and PUEEN plate 15, and Dance Legend Top Satin

More Messy Mansion plates!

Howdy! Earlier this month I showed you 4 Messy Mansion plates, but those weren't the only ones that I received; here's another bunch of great, themed plates!

 Essence I ♥ My Boyfriend with Dance legend Top Satin, A England Queen Of Scots, Tristam and Spirit Of The Moors with Messy Mansion MM66

Will it peel, will it stick?

I'm starting the weekend with a review of 2 products, and 2 matching manis! Let's take a look at one of the finished results first, I'll share my thoughts on the products further down.

Essence Ciao Oliviero saransponged with A England Fotheringhay Castle, BornPrettyStore Temix #12 and UberChic Beauty UC Out Of Africa-01

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Hi guys! I just got home from shopping with my sister (new shoes, yay!) and I'm now working on some reviews. In the mean time, here's a mani from the vault with doublestamped flowers. I didn't plan on doublestamping, but the first polish that I used was less suited for stamping than I thought, oops! It gave an uneven result, but below the 2nd color, it works after all and adds a nice sparkly touch :)

Dance Legend #1031 with A England Gloriana, China Glaze Red-y & Willing and BornPrettyStore BP-L015

A England To Emily Bronte Collection

A England's latest collection is yet another masterpiece; this time it's a collection that's dedicated to the author of the worldwide famous English gothic novel Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë. I fell in love with every single polish in this collection, and I'm eager to tell you why!

A England To Emily Bronte

Bundle Monster holiday themed plateset: Halloween & Thanksgiving

Hey lovelies :) Unfortunately my review is too late for Halloween, but this Bundle Monster plateset isn't just about the scary and the spooky, there's a lot more images to match with the current season! Here's the mani that I did with the set, you can check out all the plates further down!

Dance Legend #1031 with BornPrettyStore Newly Sweet Style #19, Trind Sunset Orange, Catrice Rusty But Sexy, Trind Emerald Swirl, China Glaze 2030 and Bundle Monster BM-S208

4 Messy Mansion plates

Good afternoon! The next review that I have for you is of a couple of Messy Mansion stamping plates. I'm starting with these plates, but there will be another post with 4 more of their lovely plates, so keep an eye on my blog if you wish to see more of them. Let's have a look at my nails first:

Dance Legend Olga with A England Queen Of Scots and Messy Mansion plate MM64

DRK Nails plate and BornPrettyStore stamping polish

Hi guys! I've shown you a couple of DRK Nails stamping plates a while ago, but there was one plate that I still didn't show yet. Yep, it's long overdue, but better late than never, right? And speaking of DRK Nails, did you know they also sell stamping mats now? They have them in 4 different colors even! I haven't tried them, but if you're looking for a mat, you might want to check them out. BornPrettyStore has send me yet another impressive stamping polish, so I figured to combine the plate with the polish, and catch up with my reviews a little bit faster :)

Dance Legend #1031 with BornPrettyStore Newly Sweet Style #19, DRK Nails plate DRK A5 and BornPrettyStore round studs

Collage of the Month: August - September - October

Time has gone by so fast these last couple of months! I hope to find more time for nails this month :) Here's the collage of the past 3 months: