My Top 10 of 2015: Nail art

Let me start this post by wishing you a fantastic NYE and 2016! May it be a year filled with happiness, health, and full of wonderful people and experiences - and nail polish of course! :) Here's my Top 10 nail art of this year, in random order:

Sheer polishes and a stamping plate, easy and effective! Smudged, smeared and stamped!

My Top 10 of 2015: Polishes

Yes, it's that time of the year again; the time where I go through the posts of the year and somehow come up with a top 10. Really though, there were plenty polishes that deserve a spot on this list, and it depends a lot on my mood as well. And then to think I haven't even swatched that much this year! So this list focusses on just a few brands, but they are brands that you can't really go wrong with anyway :) Here we go, in random order!

A England Incense Burner from the Rossetti's Goddess collection. Beautiful duochrome on top of a pretty basecolor, you can't go wrong with that!

Happy Holidays!

Hi lovelies! Merry Christmas all!! I of course don't know if you're celebrating anything, but either way, I hope you'll have a great time these days :) I'm currently wearing Rose Bower on my nails, but since that one stamps well too, here's a holiday mani with it as stamping polish. It turned a little more on the pink side though, but that's nothing a little bit of red sparkle won't fix ;)

Sinful Colors Snow Me White stamped with A England Rose Bower and BornPrettyStore plate 01, and China Glaze Ruby Pumps

BornPrettyStore mesh pattern vinyls

I haven't tried vinyls before (although I have a lot waiting in my review drawer now - stay tuned!), so I was eager to try BornPrettyStore vinyls. But if you pay close attention, you'll see this mani is stamped... Read on to see why!

A England Dorian Gray, Camelot, Merlin and Excalibur Renaissane stamped with UberChic Beauty UC4-03 and BornPrettyStore Temix #12

Subtle Savita

Even though it's fun to come up with a mani that matches a product for review, I also like to just look in my drawers and pick a random polish that jumps out to me at that moment, and take it from there. That's what I did here as well, and I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise that I went for a subtle, swirly stamping to go with it :)

Zoya Savita with China Glaze Red-y & Willing and UberChic Beauty plate UC1-02

JORD Wood Watch Fieldcrest

Hi guys! I'm starting the month with another gorgeous JORD Wood Watch - this time it's a Fieldcrest in Dark Sandalwood. I intended to create a mani to go with the watch, but it ended up looking a lot more like my background, haha! Keep on reading if you'd like to see more of this combo :)

Essence No Doubt stamped with Essence Spicy, Kiko #617 Taupe and UberChic Beauty plate UC 4-03 JORD Fieldcrest

Collage of the Month: November

I'm starting the last month of this year with a cold and a sick cat, ugh! Hopefully the vet can help this afternoon and we'll both feel better soon :) In the mean time, here's the collage of november and, in case you missed those reviews, you can get 10% off at Onecklace with coupon code shinies10 & you can get a $35 JORD Gift Card through this link!