My Top 10 of 2015: Nail art

Let me start this post by wishing you a fantastic NYE and 2016! May it be a year filled with happiness, health, and full of wonderful people and experiences - and nail polish of course! :) Here's my Top 10 nail art of this year, in random order:

Sheer polishes and a stamping plate, easy and effective! Smudged, smeared and stamped!

The Uber Mat made creating stamping decals so much easier, for these decals I used black stamping and lots of holo polishes, and a little patience to fill in all the spots ;) UberChic Beauty Collection 4.

Various green acrylic paints with black stamping and some matte top coat gave this result. There was another mani in the running for a spot in this list (or well, a whole bunch, heh), that one felt more like a typical Oooh, Shinies! mani yes, I'm sneaking it in here anyway!, but eventually I decided on this one because it's a bit more unusual :) UberChic Beauty plate collection 3!

The Bundle Monster Shangri-La plateset brought us plenty lovely images, and here's one of those images colored with the help of the Uber Mat! Reversed stamping with lots of colors!

Dance Legend Sub-Zero almost made it to my top 10 polishes list, but because I wasn't loving the thermal effect as much (it turns blue), it didn't. I think this mani didn't look as nice with the basecolor going blue, but I sure do love it like this! Sub-Zero stamped.

This mani didn't turn out as I originally intended, but well, it's in this list now anyway - I guess that says enough :) Blue roses with Dance Legend Go Fast and Top Satin.

Randomly sponged colors with black stamping stays nice! UberChic Beauty Out Of Africa.

Of course I had to add a mani in the style that I never get tired of; floral or swirly print, tone-on-tone, matte top coat = love! Matte flowers.

I said it above already, randomly sponged colors with black stamping, and this result was an easy choice for this list :) Dance Legend Pure Manicure (liquid skin protector).

Yep, same image as the green mani further up, but it's a great image and it combined so well with this basecolor! Burnt orange meets black.

There we have it, my Top 10 nail art! What's your favorite here, and what's your own favorite mani of the year? Feel free to upload and share your image in the comments! Take care for now and I'll see you in 2016 :)