My Top 10 of 2015: Polishes

Yes, it's that time of the year again; the time where I go through the posts of the year and somehow come up with a top 10. Really though, there were plenty polishes that deserve a spot on this list, and it depends a lot on my mood as well. And then to think I haven't even swatched that much this year! So this list focusses on just a few brands, but they are brands that you can't really go wrong with anyway :) Here we go, in random order!

A England Incense Burner from the Rossetti's Goddess collection. Beautiful duochrome on top of a pretty basecolor, you can't go wrong with that!

Well, next year I should maybe just go for top 10 of collections, that would make my life easier! Here's Let Me In, from yet another fantastic A England collection; To Emily Bronte. That typical A England holographic sparkle, so good!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Lantern Waste from The White Witch collection. I'm sorry for adding polishes to this post that aren't easy to get (anymore), but I can't leave them out either - look at it!

Yep, there's more where that came from, yet another stunner by A England! Proserpine is one of Adina's beauties that also works for stamping, but really, most of her creations deserve a spot in a list like this if you ask me. This one is also from the Rossetti's Goddess collection.

Dance Legend Enamel Gel Effect #1035 might seem like the odd one in this list, but I just cannot resist a smooth, non-streaky creme that applies and covers great! Lovely color on itself, but you know I've added it here because it's such a fantastic nailart base :) Nail art 1 & nail art 2.

Woah! There's so much going on in Mad As A Hatter from Femme Fatale Cosmetics' The Mad Tea-Party collection! I couldn't leave this out - but FFC has a lot of very unique polishes, which made it quite tricky to choose.

Spirit Of The Moors - right now I chose this one because I love that color combined with that holo sparkle! But it was a close call with another one of the A England To Emily Bronte collection.

Wow! This is #20 Бабай, also known as Bogeyman from the Anna Gorelova Winter collection by Dance Legend. Rich, unique darkness that looks great on itself and with top coat.

Ok, ok, I'll be honest, I'm cheating a little here; 3 fav polishes at once ;) First we have Essence Wonderland, a very pale grey, almost white, matte polish which makes for a perfect nail art base. And then we have Dance Legend Chagall and Sisley from the Top Aquarelle collection. Now even though I don't have more polishes from this collection, I love the idea and how they work so much, that I just needed to add them here! None of the 3 mentionned polishes is swatched on itself, so I figured to show them like this. Nail art 1 & nail art 2.

Last but certainly not least, Femme Fatale Cosmetics Poisoned Apple, from the Snow White Inspired collection. The soft hint of sparkle, the duochrome effect against that basecolor... yep, it earns a spot here!

There we have it, my top 10 of the year. What are your picks? Let me know :) Thanks for looking and take care for now!