I can finally say it now...

If you follow UberChic Beauty, you might've already seen the latest release which includes Collection 7... and that collection has a few of my mandalas on them!! :D I originally made my mandalas so people could color them in and hopefully, relax a little while at it, and because I enjoy drawing them of course :) But UberChic Beauty took it to a whole new level by combining them with our shared love, nailart! I can't get over how awesome it feels knowing that ladies worldwide might end up wearing my drawings on their nails! If you end up using one of those images; please do show, I would so LOVE to see the result!!

The images that I'm aiming at are the big one on the top left of this plate, and the 2 at the bottom right:

There will be a full review of the collection on my blog soon, but the plates haven't arrived yet, and I'm sure you can understand that I already wanted to share this - I am so proud right now :D You can find Collection 7 here and you can find all my mandalas here. And if you'd like to see more of them on plates, well, you might want to keep an eye on UCB... ♥