Stamped marble with Bundle Monster, BornPrettyStore and Dance Legend

Hey guys! This post combines a bunch of items; polish, a set of plates, and a stamping polish. And when trying out those items, I ended up with this mani:

Dance Legend Regina with BornPrettyStore #6 and Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210

Dance Legend Binary Regina

Starting with the polish, this is Dance Legend Regina from their Binary collection. I love that collection; perfect, shiny cremes that apply and cover great! This was 2 coats, no base/top coat. And in case you wonder, I haven't noticed any staining yet (although that might happen when wearing it longer). You can find Dance Legend in various webshops and on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Dance Legend Binary Regina

Let's move on to the plates! Bundle Monster collaborated with a bunch of bloggers and together they've created 10 plates. You can find all of them on the Bundle Monster website, where you can buy them for $4.99 each. I have 5 of them to show you :) The images are clickable for an enlargement in case you'd like to see more of the details.

Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration Lucy's Stash BM-XL209

Lucy's Stash created one of my favorite plates of the bunch; there's swirls, floral prints (and with those 2 covered I'm sure it's no surprise that I love this plate) and room for coloring or even for a little rhinestone here and there.

Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration Madam Luck BM-XL207

Madam Luck's plate is perfect if you enjoy graffiti. This plate offers all kinds of graffiti images! Add a pop of color and some creativity and you're good to go.

Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration Nailstamp4fun BM-XL206

Nailstamp4fun adds some lace to the collection, and some more swirly/floral prints. I don't think I need to tell you that there's some images that I really like here :)

Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration Sloteazzy BM-XL210

Sloteazzy's plate is the big winner for me though! Yay for an easy marbled look! I used the right side of the big image for today's mani, and I kept the mani simple because I wanted to try out several products, but imagine the possibilities here... Now of course you can't create a marble with all kinds of colors like you can with water, but a gradient stamping, stamping decals or a crazy base easily outweigh the messy and tricky part of real water marbling for me :)

Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration YaGala BM-XL208

YaGala's plate has a nice variety of styles combined onto a single plate, and there's a few images that jump out to me, like the bottom left, the swirly/dotted one in the middle and the chains next to it.

And why not add a 3rd review to this post? BornPrettyStore has surprised me (in a good way!) with their stamping polishes that I've recently tried, so I figured to try another one of them - this time in a color that might prove a little more difficult. This is color #6 and costs $4.79 for 15ml. If you order something, don't forget to use coupon code ABJ61 for 10% off! As you can see, it's not as bright on the orange base as it is in the bottle, and it shows slightly sheer with these thicker lines, but with this color? I am happy with it nevertheless! I suspect it'll work even better with finer lined images. And it was nice and easy to work with, not too thick, not too smelly.

Dance Legend Regina with BornPrettyStore #6 and Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210

Dance Legend Regina with BornPrettyStore #6 and Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210.

Dance Legend Regina with BornPrettyStore #6 and Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210

What's your favorite Bundle Monster Blogger Collaboration plate? Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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