About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm Bregje, I'm 33 years old and from the Netherlands. I love animals (especially cats, I have 2 of those furballs; Sue and Dewey), games, all kinds of creative things, reiki, reading, yoga, and polish of course!
I had a period where I polished a lot when I was younger, but that slowly got less and I started to bite my nails more and more. But years later I got infected by the polish-virus once again and I started this blog pretty much as soon as I got my camera in 2010, which was not long after I started polishing. I have periods where I don't post much, but I'm so happy that I made my blog because I've enjoyed it from day 1! The name Oooh, Shinies! was the name of a quest in World of Warcraft and it's also my reaction to a pretty polish :)

I also have 2 other blogs: Coloring Mandalas, where I post the mandalas that I draw so people can print them out and color them, and Fuzzy Fosters, where I post whenever I'm fostering kittens for the local animal shelter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!