JORD Wood Watch: a review and giveaway!

Woah! It's been SO long, remind me how this whole blogging thing works again?! :D Well, I have a great reason for a comeback - the wonderful people over at JORD contacted me and offered a review plus giveaway for you guys!

A new direction in life...

Hey all, it's been way too long since I've posted something, my life has been crazy this year and I absolutely love it! I finished an education to become a hypnotherapist, received more training in the same field, worked with cliënts, got a job assisting a hypnotherapist trainer, and now it's finally official... my own hypnotherapy practice is a fact! Woooo!

In the past period I've met incredibly nice and wonderful people, have experienced things that I thought I'd never experience or that I simply couldn't even have imagined! I had a blast and it feels like I'm still standing at the start! There's more training on schedule, obviously a lot of work setting up the practice, and just enjoying life.

Nail polish isn't high on my list anymore, I still wear polish (ofcourse! ;)), but I haven't touched my nail art stuff in ages. When I look at all my polish, it brings back memories and some polishes still scream for nail art, I do miss it a little at times. But right now it's been so long that I wouldn't even know where to start with picking a color/image combo, way too much choice, haha! Having said that, if there's a specific polish that you're looking for, do feel free to ask, maybe it's in my collection and we can make a nice deal :)

Right, I'm unsure if I'll ever get back to posting nails, but I've had an amazing time in the past 6 years of Oooh, Shinies!. The blog has brought me so much and I felt like I needed to share this huge step in my life. Thank you for all the support throughout the years, the comments, the contacts with visitors and companies, the community, it really has been a lovely journey...
I'm wishing you all the best and who knows, maybe you'll see me around again at some point - or you can check out my new site :)

I can finally say it now...

If you follow UberChic Beauty, you might've already seen the latest release which includes Collection 7... and that collection has a few of my mandalas on them!! :D I originally made my mandalas so people could color them in and hopefully, relax a little while at it, and because I enjoy drawing them of course :) But UberChic Beauty took it to a whole new level by combining them with our shared love, nailart! I can't get over how awesome it feels knowing that ladies worldwide might end up wearing my drawings on their nails! If you end up using one of those images; please do show, I would so LOVE to see the result!!

The images that I'm aiming at are the big one on the top left of this plate, and the 2 at the bottom right:

There will be a full review of the collection on my blog soon, but the plates haven't arrived yet, and I'm sure you can understand that I already wanted to share this - I am so proud right now :D You can find Collection 7 here and you can find my mandalas on this website. If you'd like to see more of them on plates, well, you might want to keep an eye on UCB, there's a lot more plates coming up with my mandalas... ♥

Stamped marble with Bundle Monster, BornPrettyStore and Dance Legend

Hey guys! This post combines a bunch of items; polish, a set of plates, and a stamping polish. And when trying out those items, I ended up with this mani:

Dance Legend Regina with BornPrettyStore #6 and Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy BM-XL210

Lady Queen héhé stamping plates

Howdy! Lady Queen kindly send me some stamping plates for review and, if that wasn't enough yet, today I also received a fabulous package from Dance Legend. You'll see plenty more from the latter, but I figured to start with combining one of those polishes with one of the plates!

 Dance Legend #94 with China Glaze 2030 and Lady Queen héhé 040