Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blue giraffe and a huge stamper!

Morning :) After a great trip to the always lovely Sweden and being hooked on Diablo 3's expansion, I figured it was time for some nails in between! BornPrettyStore send me some more items for review, including a doublesided stamper with scrapers. A big stamper was on my wishlist for a while now, I have some images that are too big for my beloved Konad doublesided stamper, and my thumbnails are usually a bit too big as well, so I have to double stamp them. A big stamper would solve those things, so I was eager to try this one out! Here's what I did with it:

Look at the size of that thing, lol! Let's have a closer look at this stamper/scrapers set:

The small part of the stamper is the same size as Konad's small stamper, but the big one is obviously not the same size! One thing I noticed straight away though, that big stamper is very shiny, and I had doubts it would work well like this... More on that below!
The scrapers that come with this set are slightly bigger than Konad's scraper (the scraping part, that is), 1 has a thicker scraping part, the smaller one has a thin scraping part.

First I tried the scrapers, but let me start by saying that I always use a metal scraper! I know a lot of people use old creditcards and things alike, which won't damage your plate like metal scrapers do, but that just won't work for me. So the results that I got with these plastic scrapers might be my fault though, if you're used to plastic, they might work great for you!

Left is the smallest scraper, I tried it several times, but it didn't feel fully smooth so it left thin stripes. They're also on the image, so getting a clean transfer would be quite tricky for me with this one.
Middle is the bigger scraper, wobbly wobbly! I tried several times but kept getting the same result. But again, that might be my inexperience with plastic scrapers :)
Right is 1 swoop with the Konad metal scraper, I often scrape a few times but as you can see, with just 1 scrape I already get the best result.

Left: I already mentionned above that the big stamp looked way too shiny to me, and here's how it transferred, not well at all! However, I always advise to give new stampers a gentle filing to roughen the surface a little (just once, before the first use only), with this one I filed just a little bit more than usual, and with a bit coarser file. The shine disappeared and it looked like the usual rubber after that.
Middle: and the difference is quite clear! It now works great, and the image is from a DRK plate, the biggest images in my collection. I didn't aim well, but it's clear it fits fully, yay!
Right: I have miniature nails compared to that thing! :P It'll be perfect for my thumbs, for girls with longer nails and for those big images :)

China Glaze Seahorsin' Around with China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and DRK-A.

I just stamped on the mani that I was wearing, Seahorsin' Around, which is a bit beyond my camera. But I have a new phone, and tried out that camera as well, and I think the results were quite good! I suspect it might be better than my usual cam if I get a nice app and play a bit more with it, so I'll go look at apps sometime. Suggestions are always welcome for Android :)

These 2 pics were just some quick testpics taken with my new phone, they're still not fully color accurate, but I'm definitely loving my phone even more now ♥ If you have these polishes, try them together sometime, I think they work well like that :)

Anyway, back to the stamper and scrapers! You can buy the set for $4,46 at BornPrettyStore, don't forget to use couponcode ABJ61 for 10% off!

What do you think of stamped textures? I think they work best with coarser images like tigerstripes of these giraffe spots, and I'm really enjoying the look of it :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Radiantly Royal

The last polish that I received from Hypnotic Polish is a Smitten Polish color, and it's a sparkly and oh so squishy blue!

Smitten Polish Radiantly Royal

Smitten Polish Radiantly Royal.

Smitten Polish Radiantly Royal

I'm wearing it without any undies on my swatches, and this is 3 coats with top coat. If you don't like the visible nail lines, you could of course just layer it! But I didn't mind it here, it's so squishyyyy! And that sparkle is just beautiful :) It really matches its name!
It's a sheer, bright blue base (as you can see, it looks quite a bit darker in the bottle) packed with very fine glitter, it applies easy and you get good glittery coverage. It did need a little top coat to get a smooth result, but it's no top coat eater at all.

Smitten Polish Radiantly Royal

Lovely color! And I have to say, they were all new to me but I enjoyed every brand that Hypnotic Polish send me :) I'll be afk the next week or 2, take care for now and hopefully cya after! ♥

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

She's a flowery cactus!

Hi all :) Today's polish is the kind of polish that just has "stamp meeee!" written all over it, and so I did!

Glitter Gal She's Cactus with Konad Green and MoYou-London Pro collection 06

Glitter Gal She's Cactus with Konad Green and MoYou-London Pro collection 06.

Glitter Gal She's Cactus with Konad Green and MoYou-London Pro collection 06

The base color that I used for this mani is a fun, bright green color, but my camera had a hard time with it. Normal light pics turned out way too mint, so I'll stick to sunlight swatches. The Konad Green pulled up the green a bit more in the polish, that's why the base looks a bit different there than on the more minty swatches below :)

Glitter Gal She's Cactus

Glitter Gal She's Cactus.

Glitter Gal She's Cactus

My swatches are without top coat, and this polish applied in 2 easy coats, which was a bit surprising tbh! With these kinda creme colors I automatically assume it'll need 3 coats to give an even coverage, and after the first coat it looked like this was no exception. But the second coat was enough already, nice! Glitter Gal is another brand that you can find at Hypnotic Polish, until the webshop opens, you can find their polishes also in their FB Shop.

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.
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