Some of the new Essence polishes

When I got into out local Kruidvat yesterday they were just replacing the old Catrice and Essence displays! :) Unfortunately this store still didn't get a 2nd Essence displays (2nd one has the nail art stuff etc.), but the filled rows of shiny new polishes quickly made me forget about that.
So yeah, needless to say, I went on a little shopping spree :) And then I found out there was a sale which gave 35% off, awesome! The only problem now, I can't decide on what to wear >.< So I swatched 3 of the new Essence polishes instead.
All are 3 coats and without top coat.

Out Of My Mind

Loving this one! It's a really nice blue-green duochrome, and lately I'm more and more into these kinda colors.


Not so flattering on me, but I like it anyways, it reminds me a bit of a beach. I picked it up since it's so unlike anything else in my stash. The finish is the same as Choose Me! (the Zoya Charla dupe) but then with yellow-golden glitter.

Where Is The Party?

Could've gotten away with 2 coats here. It looks purple or grey most of the time, but as you can see on the last pic, there's a clear green duochrome in it. The grey and purple were easier to photograph, but I'm sure I'll wear this again so maybe next time the green shows up better in my pics :) On my nailwheel it looks a lot like the new Catrice Iron Mermaiden, but this one is darker.

Have you picked up any of these, and which one do you like most?
Thanks for looking!