Galahad again...this time with flakies!

Yes yes, I know I'm showing A England Galahad a lot, but I'm simply loving it that much! ^^ This time I went for a quick little something extra, a coat of Essence Glisten Up!, which is probably my favo flakie polish. It's such a shame they don't sell it anymore, but luckily it's a layering polish so the tiny bottle lasts longer, and I have a backup :) The flakies don't show up so well on my pics, but as you can see Glisten Up! also adds a shimmer, so pretty! After I made these pics I added a coat of Catrice Frosting top coat, but that didn't turn out the way I hoped it would. It's a matte TC with a blue shimmer, but I'm preferring the mani shiny so I'll add some normal TC later again.

This afternoon I went to the vet with Sue and Dewey. Sue had to go for her checkup and all was fine, yay! :) I'm very happy that she couldn't find anything, hopefully that'll stay that way for many more years to come! Dew had to get his shots and disagreed with the whole thing, and the cage he was in wasn't closing so well anymore. Lets just say I really need to get a new one now, lol. He also showed how well he can climb me, he ended up on my back under my coat and the vet had to grab him from there, haha. That's my Dewdew! ^^

Have a lovely weekend :)