Blogger Inspired Mani: Chloe's Nails

It's been a while since I did a Blogger Inspired Mani, I have some ideas but every time I tried one, it just didn't turn out the way I wanted. Chloe's Nails was one of those, but today I gave it another go and this time it went better :)
It's great to see Erika from Chloe's Nails back to blogging, she does some awesome manicures! When I think of her I instantly think of funky French manicures in all kinds of colors, and I wanted to go for the one with the sheer pink with black tips and accent nail. So that's what I tried a while ago, but my nails are just too stained to get away with a sheer pink. Yellow/pink nails just aren't so charming, eek!
This time I went for a covering pink instead, and that did the trick. I used my Konad black for the tips, because it covers in 1 coat and the tips won't get too thick that way. I added a little sticker as accent and finished the mani with Seche Vite to give it that crazy shine.

China Glaze Something Sweet with taped tips in Konad Black and an Essence sticker as accent.

The edges aren't as clean as I'd like (I was a little bit too slow with removing the tape), but if I freehand my tips it usually looks like I tried to make waved tips, so I'm happy with how this turned out =)
You know I love to keep my manicures in the same colors, but I'm really enjoying this pink/black combo, it's such a fun mani! What do you think of the result?