A lovely holo secret

Today's mani is one of those impossible to capture but lovely irl manicures! The basecolor has a shimmer like CND Amethyst Sparkle, too bad it's one of those shimmers that's way more visible in the bottle, but it's a pretty polish nevertheless! I added the Million Styles holo topcoat, and I think those 2 combined give such a cute result :) But yeah, I couldn't capture it, those tiny holo glitters look so much better and brighter than they do here, and I'm sure I'll enjoy this mani in the coming days!

Essence A Lovely Secret with Catrice Have An Ice Day.

Blurred to show the colors of the top coat a bit better.

And here's my Bindi :) It's been a while since I added a cat pic, and earlier she was lying so cute on one of my bags! That thing always gets a lot of hair love from her. When she looks this sleepy and washed up, I can't do anything but go aaahhhw ♥

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!