China Glaze Crackle Glitters - Review

China Glaze will come out with a new crackle collection in May, this time they're glitter crackles! Now I know a lot of you are done with crackles, and as you probably figured by the lack of crackle on my blog, I never really got into them in the first place. But these actually looked pretty interesting to me in the preview, and today I swatched them. Let's have a look!

 These are the 4 crackles in this collection.
All my swatches are done on a black base and with top coat.

Gleam Me Up

Luminous Lavender



The glitters dry matte, but as more often with glitters, top coat brings them to life again. They all applied very easy I have to say, the only one I had some problems with was Luminous Lavender. That one was a bit thinner and didn't want to crackle on several fingers, and after redoing those, it still didn't crackle well on my ringfinger and pink. I don't think it's the polish though (it cracked fine straight away on my indexfinger), and I don't have enough experience with crackles to know which caused this, but I assume my basepolish must've been too wet or dry.
I have to say though, Luminous Lavender and Glam-More made me think of the Nubar Sparkles straight away, only these are crackles of course. Luckily the crackles don't eat up as much top coat as those do, so you won't end up with this thick, icky layer of glitters on your nails (the main reason why I rarely ever wear them).

I think crackles can be an easy way to add some fun to your nails, but I'm still not fully convinced about them. But these are so shiny and sparkly, I'm liking them a lot more than I thought I would! I'm loving the colors and I'm definitely gonna try them on different basecolors as well :)
What do you think of these and of crackles in general?

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking!

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