MASH 2012 plates set (26-50) *pic heavy* - Review

Hey everyone! MASH Nails send me a set of stamping plates, it's their second set with plates 26-50 and I can be very short about them, I totally love these plates! But let's have a closer look, shall we? :)

As you can see, all the plates are packed up on their own. The plates have a protective cover on the back and a blue film on the front, which is very easy to remove! No tweezers involved and I didn't get cuts in my fingers when I rolled them off either, these plates don't have sharp sides.

Because I added pictures of every plate in the set, I'll add a jump as well, so click below for more :)

Here are the plates on their own:

Some of the images are a bit blurry on my pics, if you wish to see the images as sharp as can be, please have a look at Marta's post here :) 

I think this set has everything you can expect from a set, it has a wide variety of images and a good amount of each size image (French, small and full nail). There are animal prints, cute little images, some stripey images, flowers, you name it. And I think that makes it an excellent starterset as well! So yep, I really think this is an awesome set, and I got so many ideas from just looking at them! :)

I also measured them, and added them to the stamping size image below, so you get an idea of their size.

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

But of course I was curious how they stamp as well, so I picked an image with some finer lines and it worked great. I did get some tiny flaws here and there, but that's because the polish that I used for stamping turned out to be a bit on the thin side.

Catrice Nude with Essence Love Potion! and MASH 48.

I wanted to do another mani and show you some more images, but it got really grey outside and I can't make more pictures right now. But I'm sure you'll see plenty of these images on my blog in the coming period anyway! =)

You can buy this set at the MASH website for $13.99, and honestly, I think that's a great deal!

If you're not sure what this whole stamping thing is, please have a look at my How To: Stamping :)

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