Oh My Glitter! with Fantasy Fire

Yes yes, shame on me for not showing Fantasy Fire before, but here it finally is! Because of the basecolor and only 1 coat of FF the unicorn pee effect wasn't that obvious, I think it got a bit shy from all the pink/purple/blue shimmer in the basecolor. Next time I'd layer it on a different color, probably a dark blue or purple creme, see if the green shows up more then. But either way, these 2 made a gorgeous combo!

Essence Oh My Glitter! with 1 coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire.

Look at all that beautiful, rich shimmer, so so pretty! FF is one of those polishes that I wish came in huge bottles, I'd consider using it in my house as well. I mean, imagine a wall of this stuff, woah! Although that might be a bit over the top, lol, maybe some accents would be better =)

And here's Oh My Glitter! alone, 3 thin coats but 2 thicker works as well. It's one of the new Essence polishes and I really think they did a good job with most of these new polishes in their Colour&Go range!

And in case you wonder, that corner of my indexfinger nail was a bit wobbly and I slacked with doing a repair, this is the result >.<

Have a lovely weekend :)