My top 10 of 2012: nail art

Hey everyone! Let me start with wishing you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you will have a wonderful time :)

Today I have my nail art top 10 for you, which wasn't easy to pick at all! And just when I thought I was done, I realized that 2 of them which I was absolutely sure of, weren't from 2012 but from last year around this time, oops >.< But here's my final top 10, again in random order:

Definitely one of my favorites, really loving those kinda color combos :)

I had 1 spot left for this post and I just couldn't choose between the few I selected, so I asked my boyfriend to pick one from those. This was what he chose :) If it wasn't so messy, I'd marble a lot more!

Black on nude, will have to do more like this sometime cause I really like how that turned out!

I never imagined some of my manis would be shared and liked as much as they are, and this was one of those! I've seen people wondering how this was done, and just to clarify, this isn't done with a crackle polish or nail stickers, it's sponged with the black stamped on top. With a bit of practice anyone can make a mani like this one :)

Loving the colors and print combo, which reminds me, I need to get a backup from Heavy Metallilac. That polish almost made it to my top 10 of polish as well, it's gorgeous!

This was done with a nail application that I made, and it makes me think of Easter eggs! Perhaps that's why I like it so much, mmmm chocolate eggs, haha.

I often enjoy mattifying my manis, but this was one of the manis I loved a lot more with a shiny top coat!

Here's one of my "I want to use more smaller images" manis, and even though I think it really does look nice, I keep going back to full nail images, lol.

Another one that I did with smaller stamped images, this time on a Saran sponged base.

Dotted gradient, it took some time but it's so easy, and it's one of my favorites from this list!

You haven't seen any Christmas manis from me, because last couple of weeks I've been busy with houses, and I found one! So hopefully at the end of next month I'll be blogging from my new house ^^ Needless to say, it's gonna be a hectic month! Not looking forward to all the packing/arranging/painting/moving etc., but I can't wait to be in my new house :) I started packing a bit yesterday and even though I've moved this year already, I'm still surprised with the amount of stuff I hoard, lol!
I considered scheduling posts, but honestly, my head isn't with polish atm. And especially not right now, my cat Bindi is at the vet and will get surgery this morning to remove a tumor, poor thing was so scared :( So my Christmas will be a bit different this year, with short (and atm even naked) nails, fosterkitten Salla who's going nuts with all the boxes and my poor Bindi who needs to recover. Ah well, those Christmas glitter polishes will still work fine next year as well :P
Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be posting again before New Year's, but if not, I wish you all a great evening and an amazing new year!! ♥

Thanks for stopping by & take care :)