Striped gradient & tutorial

As I said yesterday, I had several ideas in my head for striping tape, and here's one of them. I think it turned out great! I considered adding a little stamped flower in white somewhere as well, but was afraid I'd ruin it, lol, so I just left it like this. Maybe next time :)

China Glaze Sweet Hook with China Glaze Gothic Lolita.

And here's how I did it:

1 Apply your light basecolor and let it dry completely. Cut off strips of striping tape.
2 Start with a strip of tape in the middle of your nail, then add more on each side. I'd advise to keep the strips longer than I'm showing here to make removing them easier later on.
3 Apply tape to the sides and top of your nail (or nailwheel in this example), because you'll end up sponging on your fingers as well.
4 Apply your basecolor and a darker color on a piece of sponge. I used a makeup sponge here. It doesn't have to be neatly applied, you'll end up with a gradient on the sponge anyway (for more sponging tips, have a look here).
5 Sponge one part of your nail until you have a nice gradient. If needed you can add more dark polish to the sponge and pay extra attention to the base, to make it extra dark there.
6 Remove the striping tape (tweezers can be handy for that) and the tape from your skin and apply your top coat.

After typing sponge several times, that word now looks very weird, haha. But luckily the result doesn't :) Hope you'll like it as well, thanks for looking! ♥