Google Reader stops

Hi guys! Here's an off-topic post, I was wondering why I got so many new followers with Bloglovin', turns out Google Reader will stop on July 1st. Oops, missed that completely! It wouldn't surprise me if they will stop with Google Friend Connect as well sometime, and it seems more of you think that way, and decided to follow me with Bloglovin' instead. Thank you! ♥

If you also wish to follow blogs through Bloglovin', you can import all of them at once, it's easy! If you're not sure how that works, just follow the red arrows here :)

You can of course also follow me through any of the other options shown in the menu on the right, however, please note that I do not use Google+. I sometimes get new followers but my page isn't updated at all (something about messy G+ and needing seperate pages for my site and myself, and tbh I got tired of trying to figure it all out >.<).

Have a great weekend all!