Bundle Monster CYO plate collection with an Inspired by... mani *pic heavy*

Hey everyone! Bundle Monster recently held a contest where people could submit a design, and the winning images were combined into Bundle Monster's Create Your Own collection! I think it's a great thing what BM did there, not just listen to their customers but really get them involved, and the result is a set I am loving straight away!

As usual with Bundle Monster, the plates have a protective blue foil at the front, which comes off easily, and a protective cover at the back. The plates come in a sturdy resealable bag, so if you don't have a folder to store your plates or anything like that, you can simply keep them in the bag they come in.

I added a little jump because this post is quite pic heavy :) Click below to see the plates!

That octopus and the separate arms image ♥

Like a sir nails! Are these all original, or what!

I can say straight away that these images are unlike anything in my plate collection!

These full nail images are all lovely

Dripped nails easy mode, and origami images! I expect to see the left image a lot on Marta's blog ;)

Especially that bottom image, love!

In case your hands suffer from nightmares, a dream catcher just for them =) This is one of the plates that's packed with awesome things!

It's like stamping glitters with that bottom image, imagine stamping it with various colors at once, or with a stamped gradient

I can totally see myself using that bottom image!

Awesome geometric designs

Patched up nails, I bet you can do cute things with that image!

A dotted gradient was still on my to do list, this makes it easy! Loving the right dotted image as well

Skull galore!

A fingerprint on top of your fingers? Awesome =D

Steampunk and a word search puzzle, and aww, look at that controller!

Tetris! Haha :D Splatter made easy and that winter sweater image, cute!

More great geometric designs :)

Recycle, biohazard, even radioactive nails!

Lovely delicate images on the bottom

Who needs water decals when you can also stamp a zipper! Great images if you want to dress up your nails

The caution tape will go great with the biohazard/radioactive icons above! Or create your own movie frames with this plate. And depending on your mood, go for a friendly heart design, or a not-so-friendly one :P

That bottom image with some glequins in the middles!

I can see myself using all these full nail images :) Don't get me wrong, this set has some amazing smaller images too, but you know I love full nail stamping!

If you didn't have a butterfly wings image yet, this set helps out as well

Pick a text of your choice, or combine them all!

Tattoo your nails!

The full nail images vary a little in size, but on average they're 1,7x1,35 cm, which is the same as the 2012 set.

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

And here's what I made with it, a mani inspired by an old graphics card :)

Catrice Run Forest Run! with China Glaze Jolly Holly and BM-415, Essence Black Is Back and China Glaze Millennium.

As soon as I saw that image I knew what I wanted to do with it :) I did this mani with a different green and white stamping polish at first, but man that green polish... it stained my nails and skin, and both the silver and white turned green as well after I applied top coat! Then I took this dead graphics card and took colors closer to it instead. For the accentnail I made a black stripe on oven paper (with this technique) and added some dots with a dotting tool and a silver polish.

I'm really loving how unique a lot of these images are, this really isn't your average plateset with some animal print, some floral, some swirly, etc. I love such sets too though, but this is a nice change and I think it's also what a lot of people are looking for!

You can buy the Create Your Own plate collection at the Bundle Monster website, the set has 26 plates with 150+ images and costs $16,50. The quality is what we're used to from Bundle Monster, as you can see on my nails as well, that's a very fine image but I had no problems getting a good transfer!

What do you think of the set, and are you going to get it? :)

Thanks for looking & take care ♥

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